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Susan Rice Get Reward for Lying to America

Posted by madjillmom on June 5, 2013

Susan Rice dutifully went on 5 weekend political talk shows and spouted the gutted and erroneous talking points provided to her.  She wanted to be Secretary of State, but she got too hot to handle because she was so willing to lie to America. So now, she is being made the National Security Advisor because Tom “I leak like a Sieve” Donilon is leaving. Rub the Republican nose in it. Double down on Benghazi coverup.

It doesn’t hurt that Susan Rice is married to someone at ABC.  Gotta keep the press compliant, you know.


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ABC Debates Newt’s Ex-Wife’s Interview

Posted by madjillmom on January 19, 2012

ABC is putting out a story that there was some internal debate about whether or when to show the interview of Newt’s former wife, Marianne.  I bet that was the fastest debate ever.

ABC News Person:  “Hey, should we really run an interview of the ex-wife of a current presidential candidate?

Other ABC News Person: “Newt is a Republican.”

ABC News Person:  “Run it.”

Remember when your sex life wasn’t really an issue having to do with one’s ability to govern?  Oh, yeah.  Clinton was a Democrat.

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