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Thank Goodness for Obama

Posted by madjillmom on July 8, 2014

Since giving up golf, Obama has been able to do so many good things. Here is a list of those great things.

Thank goodness Obama, Hillary, and John Kerry were able to fix the Israel/Palestinian problem. I am sure Israel has seen the error of their ways and is happy to accept all the incoming missiles of peace coming from Hamas and the Gaza strip.

Thank goodness Obama was able to help Hamas bring to justice the kidnappers and murderer of three Israeli teens a few weeks back, especially since one was an American. I am sure the whole Palestinian/Hamas population has condemned those responsible and arrested them.

Thank goodness Obama was able to bring down the price of gasoline. And groceries. Oh, yeah, don’t forget the health insurance premiums that have come down $2500 in this wonderful era of Obamacare.

Thank the Lord above that we have Obama to thank for our really secure borders. Because our borders are so secure, we are now able to turn Army bases and Air Force posts into summer camp for third world campers. Or, as Obama likes to call them, the “best and brightest” from other countries. Good for you, Barack.

Thank goodness Obama can things outside the box and be so flexible. He has really put Putting in his place. Now Putin is our friend, the Ukraine is off the front page, and we retain our Superpower status.

Thank Goodness Obama is so good at ending wars. His way really is thinking out of the box. No need to win a war, just announce when you want it to end, and voila, it’s over. And since he is so good at ending wars, we can now turn over large portions of our military bases to campers from other countries.

I know there are so many other things we can thank Obama for. Give me your list of his accomplishments. We can all be really impressed together. Having a President who is so decisive and action oriented is really a blessing.



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Negotiating with Terrorists

Posted by madjillmom on June 1, 2014

Obama and Chuck Hagel want to call it just an amazing coincidence and not a trade. They have negotiated with the Taliban and released 5 high level Taliban in exchange for our captured Bowe Bergdahl. While I am thrilled for his strange parents, I am worried for all our troops remaining in Afghanistan. They all have a much greater risk of being captured now. The Taliban want all their prisoners released so expect more troops to be captured and traded 5 bad guys for 1 good guy. More really smart stuff out of Obama and his administration. 

If I was the mother of one of the 9800 to stay in Afghanistan through 2016, I would be in constant fear. 

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Sequestration and the Obama’s African Vacay

Posted by madjillmom on June 15, 2013

Remember when sequestration was going to starve children. President Obama wanted sequestration to hurt so he closed the White House tours. But now, the Obama’s feel they can take a really great vacation to Africa that will cost $100 million. Then they will probably go to Martha’s Vineyard to rest up. But, hey, the Marines don’t really need a hot breakfast at Camp Leatherneck in Afghanistan, do they.

Maybe Michele and Barack should eat MREs on their excellent African Adventure!

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Strategy of War?? How about Victory

Posted by madjillmom on September 21, 2009

Per the Washington Post: “Obama said last week that he will not decide whether to send more troops until he has ‘absolute clarity about what the strategy is going to be’.”

Is it utterly simplistic to say that the ultimate strategy of any war by any nation is WIN?!!!!  It is the President’s handpicked Gen. McChrystal who is requesting the additional troops in order to salvage the effort and be victorious.  If you don’t want to win the war you said was the right war, what is it you want to do.  I believe he doesn’t have the fortitude and conviction to ride over his own party and get the job done.

Last night, our oldest son sent a text to tell us that his first platoon leader at West Point had just lost his legs in Afghanistan.  It is getting closer to his active military career and eventual deployment into a war our President is trying to decide if he really wants to win.  I hope the President figures it out before our son has to go.

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