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Obamo Opines About the French Jews

Posted by madjillmom on February 9, 2015

Now our national religious scholar, Pres. Obama, is telling us all that the attack on the Kosher Deli in France (after the Charlie Hebdo attack by rabid Presbyterians) was just random. It wasn’t deadly anti-semitism. It was just a random attack. This comes after Obama has applied his extensive religious studies to inform us all that ISIS/ISIL is not Islamic. Just a few days ago, he exhorted all us judgmental Christians to fall off our high horses onto our holy war swords because we are just as guilty as ISIS/ISIL because of the Crusades or the Spanish Inquisition. Evidently, American Christians were somehow responsible for those past deeds even though they didn’t exist in that time. Somehow, this blame us first attitude of Obama means that ISIL/ISIS is not really that bad for beheading Americans, burning ┬áJordanians, raping Yazidi women, and killing young boys for watching soccer. All morally equivalent. Bad actions from a thousand years ago and bad actions today. All the same, don’t pass judgement. Islam is peaceful, nothing to see here, move on.

Does Obama know how many Christians have been killed by Muslims in the last few years? Doubt it.


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Helen Thomas Gone

Posted by madjillmom on June 7, 2010

Hearst did not do itself any favors in allowing Helen Thomas to resign. They should have taken action long before now. The White House must have known that she was on her way out, so they finally said something about her “ethnic cleansing” rant against the Jews of Israel. I canceled my subscription to the Houston Chronicle 10 years ago for holding onto that awful woman. She is scary.

The White House press corps has known about her for a long time. They haven’t done anything about her, so they deserve the overflow condemnation that comes their way. Look for several noted people in the press corps to speak up after the fact about their newly found disdain of Helen Thomas.

Thank goodness someone is being held accountable for the anti-semitic crap that is regularly shown on the editorial pages.

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