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DOJ Fast and Furious Investigation

Posted by madjillmom on September 2, 2011

There are stories out this week that people involved with ATF Fast and Furious Gun Scandal are resigning and being moved around within the Justice Dept.  This would signal to me that the DOJ’s in-house cover-up investigation about the stupid program is done and they have reasons to round up the wagons reassign people to make sure they have their stories straight.

Oh, wait, the Justice Department is really busy harassing Gibson Guitars over imported wood.  I can see why this would be a priority for them.

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Feeling Safer with Obama in Charge

Posted by madjillmom on August 28, 2011

Yesterday, we left early to go to an outdoor wedding (107 degrees) of our twin’s friends.  Before I left, I was so relieved to see Obama had left his Martha’s Vineyard vacay early to rush to FEMA headquarters.  While there, he was able to find the right seat of power and responsibility because the fine folks of FEMA  had taken time out of their busy horrible hurricane schedule to print out nice name placard that identified Barack Obama as the President of the United States.  Then, he rolled up his sleeves and put on a really serious face.  This makes me feel so much better.  I am sure the Irene was so impressed that she decided to weaken as soon as the word was out.

Also, I recently learned that the Dept. of Justice is really overworked.  They had no other choice but to drop the New Black Panther voter intimidation case because they really needed to pursue Gibson Guitar because they may have violated Indian law in obtaining some wood for guitar making.  I guess they are still working on it, because they can’t seem to figure out just what happened in the ATF Fast and Furious gun-running debacle.  Thank goodness a division of our government is able to prosecute obtuse Indian laws against an American company in this time of high unemployment, dead DEA agents and Border guards.

Once again, I feel so much better that Obama is so “in charge” and keeping us all safe from terrible hurricanes and guitars made with exotic wood.  I will sleep better tonight.

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