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Bain Vs. MF Global

Posted by madjillmom on September 10, 2012

If Bain Capital had done what MF Global did, Romney would be campaigning from a holding cell. Yet, somehow, Jon Corzine and those at MF Global are not being prosecuted for stealing money to cover a really bad bet. It proves it isn’t what you’ve done, it who you campaigned, fundraised, and bundled for. Cronyism is alive and well at the Obama White House and the Department of Justice. The Dems rail against Wall Street greed, but don’t prosecute their friends and fellow Dems.


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Pres. Hope and Change Says “Yes We Can Lie”

Posted by madjillmom on July 15, 2012

PresBO doubled down on lying about Romney today.

Don’t talk about the economy, don’t talk about the Straights of Hormuz, don’t talk about those 21 taxes in Obamacare.  Lets just talk about the debunked lies we are spreading daily.

In Obama’s run for the US Senate, he leaked the divorce records of his opponent.  Thank goodness Romney hasn’t been divorced.

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Obama Got Foreign Student Scholarship

Posted by madjillmom on July 13, 2012

The Obama campaign is running around saying that Romney is a criminal because of paperwork filed with the SEC over Bain Capital.  They truly are out of control.

I believe that one of the reasons we do not know much about Obama in his college years is because Obama claimed to be of foreign birth in order to collect scholarships.  He gamed the system, kinda like Elizabeth Warren gamed the system by falsely claiming to be a minuscule portion Cherokee.  Why hide the college records of the smartest President ever to hold the office?  Because he wasn’t that smart?  Maybe.  More likely because he lied about being foreign-born to get money. Carney scoffs at the notion that Obama should release his college records.  They can’t do it because they know this “crime” would come to light.  Obama likes to lie.  His campaign lies all the time.

Remember when we found out that the publisher of Obama’s first book sent out a catalogue with false information about Obama being born in Kenya.  It wasn’t corrected until just before Obama ran for President.  Obama used his “funny sounding name” to his benefit.

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Bain Capital vs. Obama

Posted by madjillmom on May 23, 2012

Which seems to be the more fair?

Mitt Romney gets funding from individuals and pools that money to invest in companies, using those funds to save some companies and to sell off others that aren’t so strong. At weak companies, people are laid off, companies are restructured, and sometimes, they are sold off at a profit.

President Obama takes taxpayer funds and funds borrowed from China and our children and grandchildren.  Then he and his cabinet find friends and other cronies and they hand out money to questionable “green” companies by the bucketful.  Minimal very temporary jobs are created and the Energy Secretary changes the law so that some of that money goes straight to Obama supporters in payback.  Now the taxpayer has nothing to show for Obama’s leadership and stewardship of taxpayer’s money.  The much touted jobs are now gone.  People who thought they had a good job are laid off.  Companies are bankrupt and the taxpayer is screwed.

Which scenario shows real leadership?

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