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Kimberlin Aided by Clueless Judge

Posted by madjillmom on May 30, 2012

It is a travesty that Brett Kimberlin has been aided in lawfare harassment of Aaron Walker on Tuesday, May 29th.  Apparently freedom of speech is not a real issue for the retired judge who evidently has no understanding of the internet.  If one felon can use his jailhouse law degree to have a conservative blogger jailed, we are living in a  place where the Constitution is not a player.  Oh, wait.  Obama is President and the Constitution is pretty much null and void.  I hope someone will help Aaron Walker and all those being harassed by Brett Kimberlin.  I hope further that Brett Kimberlin will be found guilty of perjury and sentenced to serve time for that perjury.  Someone has to put a stop to this.

If Barbra Streisand gives money to Brett Kimberlin and he uses that money to commit a crime, is Barbra an accessory to that crime?  Same for Teresa Heinz Kerry, whose yacht is still in Rhode Island avoiding Massachusett’s taxes.  Same for George Soros.

Fox News touched on the “Swatting” issue today.  No one but bloggers have discussed the Brett Kimberlin issue.

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Brett Kimberlin is a Creepy Guy

Posted by madjillmom on May 25, 2012

I have been reading about the creepy, scary, convicted Speedway Bomber, Brett Kimberlin.  In his current incarnation as a leader of a few strange “non-profit” entities, he has a lot of time and resources on hand to wage lawfare against several bloggers.  His actions have resulted in bogus charges being brought against Aaron Walker/Worthing at resulting in the loss of Aaron Walker’s job and the job of his wife.  He is currently waging war against Robert Stacy McCain who has decided to remove himself and his family from their home in fear of the convicted felon and his internet henchmen.  He has some help in these endeavors in the persons of Ron Brynaert  and Neal Rauhauser.  These two people have strong ties to the Dems and some of their more nefarious groups.  His “non-profits” have lots of help from Barbra Streisand, Teresa Heinz Kerry, and the Tides Foundation, all noted lefty people or groups.  Why are they funding this crazed convict?

From the long posts I have read, Brett Kimberlin, a convicted bomber, doesn’t like it when you tell the truth about him and his activities.  He then uses the law to out bloggers, drums up bogus charges against these bloggers, and then pursues them with a vengeance.  Meanwhile, his friends or extra harassers send ugly comments to the bloggers threatening to rape their young children.  This is violent harassment from a know criminal.

There has been a call today to have bloggers blog about this creepy guy.  It is something like the Draw Mohammed Day a few years ago.  It is an attempt to make so many targets for Kimberlin, that even he and his non-profit donations (of over a million dollars) can’t harass us all.  It is also a call to unity against a great injustice.  Aaron Walker is trying to sue Kimberlin to stop this nonsense, but the Attorney General of Maryland  is not allowing this to happen.

The saga is long and heavy in the legal jargon that goes over my head.  But it is pretty easy to see that Brett Kimberlin has a lot of issues and someone or all of us need to take this thing in hand and make him consider if it is really good to wage lawfare against bloggers and individuals and their families.

Please check out some of the bloggers taking this awful man on. They are being harassed and twittered with vile suggestions by some pretty awful people.

There is also a defense fund being set up and a blogger organization that is helping out on this matter.  Consider sending some money if you find this situation to be as awful as it sounds.  Info is here.

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