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Hillary, Just Like Me Trying to Clean the Bathroom

Posted by madjillmom on August 19, 2015

When asked repeatedly if she ordered the server wiped of all incriminating emails, she finally says “you mean like with a cloth?” This brings to mind an outrageously sexist picture of Hillary being just like me. In an old dirty t-shirt and sweatpants, wiping down the server right by the toilet she is cleaning with the toilet brush in that apartment in Colorado somewhere. A picture of Hillary cleaning the bathroom. Just like me. If she hasn’t driven in 25 years, she certainly can’t be pictured cleaning a toilet like me. How sexist of me and the rest of the world. How would we ever think of Donald Trump or Jim Webb cleaning around the bathroom and the server they keep there. Rick Perry? Gov. Huckabee? All the rest of the men running? Proof that I too am part of the “war on women” because of my sexist thoughts. Hillary “cleaning”! Back to re-education camp!


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Syria and Russia Dupe Obama Again

Posted by madjillmom on January 31, 2014

With less than 2 weeks to go, Syria has only given up less than 5% of their chemical weapons in the agreement with Kerry/Obama. They still have 95% to give over for destruction. The State Department admits that Syria/Assad is stalling and yanking their chain, with the backing of Putin/Russia. So Obama is back to square one, weaker than before, having rubbed out his red line when he turned in cowardice and sought a diplomatic option they knew wouldn’t work when Kerry misspoke at a meeting with the Russians. Iran has watched how this is done. Make a diplomatic deal, don’t follow thru, cook up a bomb and deposit it on Israel all while Obama does a song and dance about how he won’t let Iran go nuclear.

Putin – Stronger

Assad – Stronger, still in power, and he lied about how much chemical weapons he actually has

Iran – Stronger and disputing all the claims of Obama about their deal that we can’t read. (Why is the deal secret?)

Obama – Arrogant, Secretive (on Iran deal), and much Weaker. His half-brother wants Israel wiped off the face of the earth (the scarf incident) and I think he would be just fine if the Islamic Republic of Iran (he calls them this all the time) got the bomb.

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Shock and Awe vs. Unbelievably Small

Posted by madjillmom on September 9, 2013

Ten days ago Sec. of State Kerry gave an impassioned speech imploring us to punish Assad for using gas against his own people, killing children and civilians in a horrible death. A strike was iminent. Flash forward to yesterday. Now Sec. Kerry tells us this punishment that must be meted out will be “unbelievably small“.

Kinda like Obama’s backbone. Don’t make threats that you won’t back up, Obama.  Don’t send your people out to talk big and then slink off to the golf course. Don’t draw the red line and then deny you drew it. You look like a ball-less fool. Either this is important, a moral imperative, or we can wait until congress votes, and then ignore the vote because you look so weak and you have made America look weak. Adopt “America, the Moral Superpower” or don’t!

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Obama’s Invisible Coalition

Posted by madjillmom on September 8, 2013

Sometimes young children have invisible friends. Obama has an invisible coalition to help him with this dreadful Syrian gas attack by that little Hitler, Assad. Perhaps the press should just humor Obama and Kerry as they tell us that other countries are with us in Obama’s grand endeavor to provide consequences for crossing his the world’s red line.

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When Obama Sends Signals — What Happens?

Posted by madjillmom on August 26, 2013

Obama spoke on two occasions about Trayvon Martin, telling us he could be his son and telling us that Trayvon Martin was him. Is this a signal to the young, black men of America to act out to get revenge for Trayvon? There have been several hate crimes aimed at white people since the Zimmerman verdict. Did the thugs in OK who killed the Australian college student and the thugs in Spokane who killed the WW2 Veteran get the signal from Obama that Trayvon was killed because he was black?

Obama blames the Coptic Christian for making an You-Tube video that offends Mohammed and Islam, and then he vowes to punish the filmmaker. The Muslim Brotherhood burns Coptic Christian churches and kills Christians in Egypt.

Obama draws a red line warning Syria’s Assad that chemical weapons will not be tolerated. Assad uses chemical weapons and Obama does nothing. So Assad uses them again last week. Did many die because Obama’s speech about a game changer resulted in no action when it happened the first time?

When Obama inserted himself in the infamous arrest of his college professor, Henry Louis Gates, he tells us the policeman “acted stupidly”? What happened then? I felt that I was not important to Pres. Obama. This feeling has been reinforced many more times. Does Obama care about white people?

Obama wanted the world and the country to think his intervention in Libya was a success. Further he wanted us to believe that Al Qaeda is on the decline, on the run. So what happened? Benghazi.

Obama and Hillary send a signal to Russia that they want a reset. What happens? Obama pulls missile defense from Poland, offends our ally, and things are certainly “reset”. Unfortunately, they are now resent in favor of Vlad Putin and a resurgent Russia. Now Russia knows that Obama is a paper tiger. Russia now props up Syria’s Assad, jails punk rock groups, and harasses gay people. That reset was a great signal.


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Syria, Obama and the Simple-Minded Folks

Posted by madjillmom on June 18, 2013

After some press of Col. Khadafi killing some of his people came to our TVs, Obama jumped into what he thought would be a war of a few weeks. Then it took much longer. Case closed (until 9/11 last year and the assassination of the American Ambassador). The argument was we had to fix this because innocents were dying.

Then comes Syria. Lots of innocents dying. Now somewhere around 95,000. But we didn’t do the same thing. Now, Obama tells us he knows so much that we don’t so we can’t really understand it. Why don’t you teach us, O Wise Professor? We get that it is complicated.

Here is how it went down:

Assad “the Reformer” (according to Hillary) starts killing his own people, but we just got out from under that Libya intervention and Obama has a campaign to be re-elected, so lets not do anything. We’ll  just watch. And while Obama is running for re-election, the world re-labels this a “civil war”. Another really good reason to do nothing. Obama, in order to look really bad-ass tells us all that chemical weapons is a game changer. Fiddles around even after re-election and tells us the game changer is not in what he will do, but rather in his “calculus”. I guess nobody told him there would be math. Predictions all throughout of Assad’s last days, or only weeks away from losing. So now, Obama has not been consistent, has re-labeled, has dared Assad to cross a red line and then ignored it when he did, and has waited so long to do so little that it is now a proxy war with Russia and Iran. Yes, it is really complicated now. Not near as complicated when it began, but Obama was running for re-election, so we all had to wait.

Meanwhile, we may have 4500 troops on the Syria border. Yes, it is all really complicated. Obama has dodged and weaved, placated and ignored the situation into a real mess. No good options. But don’t tell us it is just to complicated for our simple-minded selves. The Administration tells us they have a NEW POLICY of providing small arms, and then Obama denies that it is a NEW POLICY.

Shouldn’t the Civil War be re-labeled since Russia, Hezbollah, and Iran are fighting the Rebels (with strong links to Al Qaeda)  that we sorta support and sorta arm. Way to go with that really smart diplomacy and that keen mind, President Nobel Peace Prize.

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Syrian Weapons of Mass Destruction

Posted by madjillmom on February 24, 2012

Remember around this time last year, PresBO came out and said there would be military bombing in Libya to help the insurgents.  The main reason given was because Krazy Kol. Khadafi was killing his own people.  In we went, with added costs and a much longer engagement than was promised in those early days.

Now, we are finally seeing some of the killing going on in Syria.  Western journalists are there and 7300 is the current death count.  Now, Assad’s forces have killed an American Journalist.  Secretary of State Hillary is meeting with the Friends of Syria and there is a show of talk and condemnation, but no bombs from American planes.  What is the difference between the two countries and Obama’s reaction to them?

When we first went into Iraq, there were some officials and some evidence that Saddam Hussein sent shipments of weapons of mass destruction to Syria so they would not be found.  Ever since that time, Democrats have raked Bush over the coals about “lies about WMD” that were used to get us into the Iraq War.

Could this be one of the reasons that we do not do what we did in Libya?  If the current dictator was overthrown, could something embarrassing come to light about hidden WMDs?  If WMDs were found in Syria, who would gain and who would lose?

Another oppressive, horrible man runs Syria.  He is the son of his horrible oppressive dad who slaughtered 10,000 of his people in the early ’80s.  I guess the son is trying hard to be as horrible as his father.  I am not advocating intervention, I just question why Obama isn’t sending in the planes.

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