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Mimi Pelosi and her 5 year-old Grandson

Posted by madjillmom on September 4, 2013

Former Speaker San Fran Nan tell us why she supports a strike on Assad by telling us about her conversation with her little grandson. How touching.

Here is what USA Today had to say about her visit with Assad in Syria in 2007:

“We came in friendship, hope, and determined that the road to Damascus is a road to peace,” Pelosi told reporters after her talks with Assad.

Hey, Nancy, did you tell him just how charming Assad was when you visited him in 2007. Did you tell him how then Pres. Bush did not approve of your outreach to Assad at the time. Did you tell him how you were pretending to be the Sec. of State instead of Speaker of the House. Did you tell your grandson just how Assad fooled you into thinking that he was a reformer. Did you explain that you had a really nice time with a war criminal who should be prosecuted by the Hague. No, you were too busy telling people that Bush was a war criminal.

Sec. of State John Kerry, weren’t you able to spot Assad’s Nazi Uniform under his western suit at your lovely dinner in 2009? Did Teresa and Mrs. Assad discuss the latest trends in Paris fashion as you and Assad shared cigars and brandy and world politics? Maybe you too need a young grandchild to help you form your opinions in 2009.

And even Hillary, looking to Assad the Reformer for help in manipulating the Middle East.


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Obama Threads the Syrian Needle

Posted by madjillmom on August 31, 2013

Obama announced that he will ask for a congressional vote to punish Assad with a limited attack for gassing his people a second time. So he will use congress this time to get him out of it. He probably won’t win consent to bomb Syria. He certainly won’t win consent before traveling to Russia and facing that bored student Putin this coming week. So he will look strong, but won’t actually have to do anything. He hasn’t gotten any real coalition to speak of. He hasn’t gotten popular support. He is scared of Putin. He is going to tell us later that he just can’t go around congress on this issue even though he has gone around congress on appointments, EPA restrictions, immigration reform, ObamaCare, Gun Control, and the Defense of Marriage Act. Remember, he is King when he wants to be.

All that show of indignation and concern over Assad and chemical weapons, all that chest thumping and Pres. Kerry oratory, all that “we will go it alone if we have to” was all for nothing. Obama doesn’t have the balls. Assad wins.

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Obama and Syrian Gas Attack

Posted by madjillmom on August 29, 2013

Obama is loudly pounding his chest and saber-rattling over the second gas attack attributed to Bashar Assad in Syria. Film and photos make it impossible to ignore like the last time Assad did this a few months back. So for more than a week, the noise will echo in the news and press rooms. Obama now looks weak. He has to do something, but China, Iran, and Russia tell him not to. Obama talks about a coalition and the UN. But he looks too weak. He will have to do something. ¬†Look for more saber-rattling for a while. A few phone calls will be made 24 hrs prior to a strategic strike. Damage will be done to some installation, but there won’t be any or many bodies since the Administration will leak the attack. Obama may even make a prime-time appearance to announce the attack. With a great deal of luck, Assad won’t line up sheet wrapped bodies, Russia’s Putin (the bored student) will hopefully not do anything but play with the Reset Button, China won’t do anything but squawk, and maybe Obama doesn’t look like an idiot. Or maybe Iran and Syria nuke Israel. What a mess. Can’t blame it on Bush. Obama drew the red line, not Bush.

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