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Blackmailing Hillary

Posted by madjillmom on May 20, 2015

Remember when Bill messed around with Monica. It was a very bad idea. Yeah, yeah – consenting adults, blah, blah, blah. The biggest problem was the poor judgement that made him liable to extortion from foreign powers.

Fast forward to Hillary and her handy-dandy server in her Chappaqua basement, holding all the email correspondence from her time at the State Department. It has been cleaned of any incriminating emails regarding Benghazi. She admits to destroying 30,000 emails about weddings and yoga routines. We are just supposed to trust her. Mrs. Rose Law Firm Billing Records and Cattle Futures has a Nixonian bent for secrecy. Whatever was in those emails must have been pretty bad to erase and take the heat for that action.

So now, Hillary is running. She might be President next time round. Putin and the Chinese have probably hacked that server and have all her emails including the ones she needed to delete. Perhaps they have some incriminating emails about Benghazi and a few personal emails between Bill and his ladies. Hillary has left herself open to extortion from a foreign power. She can deny it all she wants, but erasing the email makes it all the more likely that our enemies have something on the Clintons. Can we take the risk?


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Senator Dianne Feinstein’s Moral High Horse

Posted by madjillmom on December 9, 2014

Thanks so much Senator Feinstein. You have climbed to the summit of your moral high ground to tell us all what we all know. The United States has used torture against our enemies. You thrust out your chin and told us all just how bad you and the other Dems on your committee think we are. You cleansed yourself. Thanks so much for doing this a few weeks before one of our sons deploys to Obama’s muddled Middle East.

A few questions:

Did you concern yourself with how this throws gasoline on an already raging fire? Is the revelations in this report worth another one of our citizens or another member of our military being killed or tortured in response. Will you sleep when ISIS/ISIL announces it will kill again because of these old revelations (in vivid detail) in a shiny book form for us all to read?  I won’t be getting much sleep because of it.

$40,000,000 expense? Really. You are borrowing from my unborn grandchildren to fund your moral hobby high horse?

In this shiny book, is there any evidence that we threatened on video to cut off some detainee’s head, posted video’s to the parents of the detainee, then made another video cutting off the head of a detainee for all the world to see? No. I don’t think so.

Are you feeling guilty that you went along with this for a time?

How do you think Putin and Kim Jong Un will suddenly get religion and make mea culpa reports on their abuse? They are laughing at us.

Do you not believe in covert action to serve our purposes? Many of us do believe in such action.

So your $40,000,000 report says no good intel was gained by this? There are those who say otherwise but you don’t include their opinion. I am pretty certain that some good intel came from this. Not none. But some. Not as much as the CIA says was obtained, but certainly not “none”.

Are you willing to send one of your grandchildren into harms way beside my son after revealing this one sided report?

OrAre you just really pissed off that Obama’s CIA was hacking your office computers and you want to make them pay? How dare they do that to someone as important as you.

Obama just drones them. Is this better? Do we get any intelligence when they are droned from afar?

Those who now provide some intelligence will no longer do so because they know a report on their actions will be churned out of a Senate Committee by a Woman with High Morals.

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The Clinton’s are RICH!!! OMG

Posted by madjillmom on June 25, 2014

After several mishaps on Hillary Presidential Campaign Book Tour, regarding their wealth and how they got it, Bill has come out to tell us how it is with them and their wealth. They have made millions. They have peddled their influence and have sold their daughter to the highest bidder. Good for them. I want our Presidents to live in relative wealth after serving our country. Just don’t ask me to believe that they go to the grocery store just like us. Hillary hasn’t cooked a meal in decades, just like she hasn’t driven in decades. They aren’t just like us. Next, Bill will tell us he and Hillary eat dinner together every night. They barely see each other. They have used the system and now want us to believe that they hang out at Target with Michelle Obama. They could buy Target.

Thank goodness that Chelsea is making $600,000 per year at NBC in exchange for access to the Clintons. She can sock some away to help Bill and Hillary pay off those loans for her expensive education and pay for Bill’s care in the old folks home.


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Hillary’s Money Troubles

Posted by madjillmom on June 10, 2014

All I can say about Hillary and Bill’s monetary struggles after he left the Presidency is this:

Arkansas is so much cheaper to live in than New York and Washington, DC. If you had moved back there, you wouldn’t have had to pedal your speeches for a $100,000,000 or more to buy two big ass houses.

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Government in the Bedroom

Posted by madjillmom on November 15, 2012

Remember when we were told that Pres. Clinton’s major indescretion was a personal and private matter that we didn’t need to concern ourselves with? Remember when we were told that Monica Lewinsky was not a security matter, but just an embarrassing failing that in no way affected his ability to do his job?

Now, instead of finally calling the Obama administration to account for Benghazi, we are delving deep into the personal failings of a great man or men it seems. The government is checking e-mails, collecting computers, raiding homes, and probably checking for a stained dress in an attempt to ruin some men. The difference is the press loved Clinton, but not the military.

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Obama, American Idol, and Benghazi

Posted by madjillmom on October 15, 2012

Drudge tells us that Obama went on another softball interview on The YO Show. There he opined about escalating tensions with two of the judges.  He is once again leading from behind. He knows about this feud  but seems not in the least curious about his administration’s handling of the Benghazi murder of an ambassador and 3 other Americans. He knows that whoever watches or listens to the Yo Show, there may be votes in not taking sides. How pop culture must a President be?  Evidently, he must be very steeped in pop culture. This is the same guy who can’t tell hardball interviewer Letterman what the debt is. Thanks, Bill Clinton. Cool isn’t the best qualification for being President. When will this President actually do the real work of a President and get to the bottom of the problem of Benghazi?  Maybe after his next Daily Show appearance?

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Clinton’s Luck

Posted by madjillmom on September 6, 2012

How wonderful to see Old Bill up front and being adored by the masses at the DNC last night. Please remember that Bill Clinton’s legacy is mixed and filled with luck. First off, it was a three-way race and Ross Perot basically put it in Bill’s hands.  Next bit of luck was the cold war and the short Iraq war of Bush 41 were over.  There was a peace dividend that Bill got to hand out to his friends. Another bit of luck was the tech boom. He was lucky enough to be there while technology boomed, the internet blossomed, and Drudge revealed his serial victimization of women (Monica Lewinsky, Juanita Broderick, Paula Jones, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton). Yes, he did balance 4 budgets, but only after the ’94 thumping that hurt Bill’s heart.  Then he was dragged to the center, reformed welfare, and ended the era of big government. All because of his deep flaw of needing to be loved.  I saw that on display last night. He will say anything to be loved.

So, now he tells us boilerplate “the republicans want dirty air, dirty water, e-coli in your meat, planes crashing…   They want the rich to take advantage of the poor… Yada, yada, yada…

Wag your finger at me all you want, Bill.  Obama’s on-the-job-training has given us no recovery. Taxing the rich won’t fix this mess.  Real grownups need to reduce spending, reduce government to the constraints of the constitution, unleash the private sector, and keep American strong for the sake of our children.

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Obama and the Vets

Posted by madjillmom on July 26, 2012

PresBO has an “unexpected” stop at a Portland diner and sits down with some veterans who just happen to be there.  What a wonderful moment.  He talks with them and they are all really concerned that Obamacare remain in place.  Wow.  Isn’t that amazing. Not really so amazing.  They were planted there by the campaign.  The campaign had to come clean afterwards.  I have a veteran or two Obama should have a talk with.  He doesn’t have the guts. Hopefully Obama picked up their tab, unlike the last time he used the military for a prop.

Remember when Pres. Bill Clinton was walking along the foreign beach and there just happened to be a pile of rocks.  He thoughtfully placed the rocks in the shape of a cross, honoring the men who stormed the beaches of Normandy.  Gosh, that was a great moment, too. Just as fake.

Maybe in a couple of days, the Obama campaign can bring in some small businessmen who really want Obamacare and more government regulations.  Obama can meet with them, talk with them, and make-believe he know what small businesses need.


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Bill Clinton, Recession and Usual Lies

Posted by madjillmom on June 6, 2012

One thing really stuck me the other day.  Bill Clinton was telling us that in recessions like the one we are in or out of usually take 5 or 6 years to fix.  He then further said that a recession with a housing crisis usually takes 10 years to fix.  Where is he getting these usuallys from? Or perhaps, in his case, it is usual lies? Can he cite a time in the past where his assertion is actually the case?  He was citing these “I pulled these “facts” out of my ass” claims to tell us that Obama is way ahead of schedule.  Where is the press when someone does this?  Can Clinton cite an actual instance that is similar to our current “recovery” that isn’t pure fiction?

For that matter, PresBO likes telling us that the recession we are three years out of was the worst recession since the Great Depression.  This is also quite bogus.  I remember the recession in the early 80’s.  It was much worse with higher unemployment, inflation, and high interest rates.  We came roaring out of that recession with good policies put in place by Reagan.  Where PresBO and Bill Clinton can get it right is to show us just how anemic the recovery is in comparison to other recoveries.  Or perhaps, they could tell us just how much inflation there really is instead of standing behind the bogus numbers that come from the CPI less food and gasoline.

So passive-aggressive Bill Clinton comes out and backhands PresBO on a regular basis.  But he is popular with the base, so campaigning he will go…

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Can’t Rid Ourselves of Kennedys

Posted by madjillmom on February 16, 2012

Last week, excerpts came out from a biography of a young intern in JFK’s White House.  The upshot was that he had an inappropriate relationship with a teenage intern.  The most unattractive part was JFK’s passing his intern around.  This included a request to service Teddy Kennedy.  Really gross.  Makes Bill Clinton and his intern look like a real class act in comparison.

Now comes word that Joe Kennedy will be running for Barney Frank’s seat.  Will they never fade away?

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