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Black Mob Beats White Man

Posted by madjillmom on April 25, 2012

When PresBO spoke briefly in an amazingly narcissistic way about the Travon Martin killing, he injected himself into the issue.  He obviously identified with Trayvon, who looked like a boy Obama could have had.  Since that comment, a lot has happened.  Zimmerman has been indicted on charges of 2nd degree murder quite possibly in an attempt to placate the population that looks like Obama.  The nation will have to go through this awful trial on pins and needles in the next year or so.

Meanwhile, there have been blurbs here and there about attacks on white people by black people where there is some evidence that the crime was done to avenge Trayvon Martin.  Now there is a report of a gang of black people beating a white man in Alabama.  One of the perpetrators says it is for Trayvon Martin.  The was a crowd of people including women using bricks, stones, and boards to beat a man who is in critical condition at a hospital.  I guess it won’t be such a big deal as this guy doesn’t look like Obama’s mythical son. Will Obama come out and tell blacks in America how wrong this is?  Or would that be admitting that there is a problem?

How does this make us white people feel and react when around black people?  If you are somewhere and outnumbered, you could certainly feel great concern.  I don’t like saying stuff like this, but it is what I am feeling.


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