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Obama’s Itch to Tax the Rich

Posted by madjillmom on April 11, 2012

Obama is going the full court press with a basketball emblazoned with his humble visage on this.  The answer to all  problems is taxing the rich.  All future cuts in spending or cuts in the rate of increase in spending will be couched in the same way.  Why should we cut this benefit when we could simply institute the Buffett Tax on the evil rich?  The price of gas is going up, we should tax the rich?  So what if the facts fly in the face of this argument.  The Buffett rule or tax will result in enough revenue over ten years to run the government for a week at the most.  Obama talks about the rich needing to pay more and further wants to know how to spend this imaginary windfall.  He doesn’t want this money to pay down our debt, he wants to spend more, as always. Obama keeps saying it is about fairness, but he never seems to learn that the middle class is tired of watching the poor suck up their entitlement while doing nothing to contribute.  The rich and the middle class do contribute and are responsible.  The entitled cradle to grave takers are “sitting on their couches waiting for the government check”.


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