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The Content of Their Character

Posted by madjillmom on August 29, 2013

Fifty years ago, on the Washington Mall, Rev. Martin Luther King told the Nation of his dream that people would one day be judged on the content of their character rather than their skin color. So let’s do that.

The Killers of Chris Lane in Duncan, OK – 3 young men thrill kill or racially profile a young man with promise and kill him. Cowards and monsters rolled into one gangsta hip hop culture.

The Killers of Shorty Belton in Spokane, WA – 2 young men kill a WW2 veteran wounded in Okinawa. Lovers of gangsta rap and violence. Incensed because the old veteran tried to fight back.

Another young black man kills a toddler in his stroller. Wanted money from the mother.

Three thugs on a school bus beat a kid and get probation today.

Al Sharpton – promotes victimization and knowingly promoted libel against a man by promoting Tawana Brawley hoax.

Jesse Jackson – smeared Martin Luther King’s blood on his clothes after the horrible murder of MLK. Used this springboard to promote black victimization and extort companies and corporations with harassment and blackmail. Fathered a love child as a Reverend and is a serial adulterer.

Jesse Jackson, Jr. – was handed a congressional seat on a silver platter and then pocketed the platter by spending campaign funds on extravagant purchases along with his wife. Now serving time.

Let’s judge these people on the content of their character. Let’s lift up all those whose character is good and condemn those whose character is bad, all races, all peoples. Let MLK’s dream come true.





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When Obama Sends Signals — What Happens?

Posted by madjillmom on August 26, 2013

Obama spoke on two occasions about Trayvon Martin, telling us he could be his son and telling us that Trayvon Martin was him. Is this a signal to the young, black men of America to act out to get revenge for Trayvon? There have been several hate crimes aimed at white people since the Zimmerman verdict. Did the thugs in OK who killed the Australian college student and the thugs in Spokane who killed the WW2 Veteran get the signal from Obama that Trayvon was killed because he was black?

Obama blames the Coptic Christian for making an You-Tube video that offends Mohammed and Islam, and then he vowes to punish the filmmaker. The Muslim Brotherhood burns Coptic Christian churches and kills Christians in Egypt.

Obama draws a red line warning Syria’s Assad that chemical weapons will not be tolerated. Assad uses chemical weapons and Obama does nothing. So Assad uses them again last week. Did many die because Obama’s speech about a game changer resulted in no action when it happened the first time?

When Obama inserted himself in the infamous arrest of his college professor, Henry Louis Gates,┬áhe tells us the policeman “acted stupidly”? What happened then? I felt that I was not important to Pres. Obama. This feeling has been reinforced many more times. Does Obama care about white people?

Obama wanted the world and the country to think his intervention in Libya was a success. Further he wanted us to believe that Al Qaeda is on the decline, on the run. So what happened? Benghazi.

Obama and Hillary send a signal to Russia that they want a reset. What happens? Obama pulls missile defense from Poland, offends our ally, and things are certainly “reset”. Unfortunately, they are now resent in favor of Vlad Putin and a resurgent Russia. Now Russia knows that Obama is a paper tiger. Russia now props up Syria’s Assad, jails punk rock groups, and harasses gay people. That reset was a great signal.


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