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Worrying About a Movie – What about the UBL Movie?

Posted by madjillmom on September 15, 2012

Most of this awful week, PresBO and Hillary have repeatedly gone to the “Its the movie’s fault, Stupid.” This has been so very much in evidence, up to and including the DOJ outing the movie maker, the police picking up the movie maker, and constant references to the movie as vile and reprehensible.  The Obama administration has even tried to censor this movie that they blame for all the violence. OK, the movie is awful, it makes the peaceful Muslims run out and kill Ambassadors, they don’t hate us, they hate this silly movie.

What about the other movie coming our soon. You know, the one the Obama administration leaked secrets to the movie makers about the UBL raid. The one that makes Obama look good.  Let’s see how the peaceful Muslims feel about a movie glorifying the killing of UBL. If they get offended by this, will they try to censor the movie, arrest the movie makers, pull the trailer from YouTube? Did they think about how this movie will hurt the peaceful Muslims feelings while they were handing out classified information to the movie makers? Who will they blame if riots happen over this movie? What if more Soldiers, Marines, Seals, or Diplomats are killed when this homage to Obama killing UBL comes to the screen.


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Di Fi Offends Obama with Leak Assertion

Posted by madjillmom on July 24, 2012

Senator Diane Feinstein (CA Dem) came out with her assertion that it was probably the White House that leaked all critical details regarding the UBL raid and the Stuxnet mission as well as other items.  Remember when Obama said it was offensive for someone to think that his White House leaked such things.  Soon after this, Sen. Di Fi got a call from the White House to walk it back as quickly as possible.  Obama is still offended.  Di Fi is mad at Romney for quoting her.

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