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Syrian Weapons of Mass Destruction

Posted by madjillmom on February 24, 2012

Remember around this time last year, PresBO came out and said there would be military bombing in Libya to help the insurgents.  The main reason given was because Krazy Kol. Khadafi was killing his own people.  In we went, with added costs and a much longer engagement than was promised in those early days.

Now, we are finally seeing some of the killing going on in Syria.  Western journalists are there and 7300 is the current death count.  Now, Assad’s forces have killed an American Journalist.  Secretary of State Hillary is meeting with the Friends of Syria and there is a show of talk and condemnation, but no bombs from American planes.  What is the difference between the two countries and Obama’s reaction to them?

When we first went into Iraq, there were some officials and some evidence that Saddam Hussein sent shipments of weapons of mass destruction to Syria so they would not be found.  Ever since that time, Democrats have raked Bush over the coals about “lies about WMD” that were used to get us into the Iraq War.

Could this be one of the reasons that we do not do what we did in Libya?  If the current dictator was overthrown, could something embarrassing come to light about hidden WMDs?  If WMDs were found in Syria, who would gain and who would lose?

Another oppressive, horrible man runs Syria.  He is the son of his horrible oppressive dad who slaughtered 10,000 of his people in the early ’80s.  I guess the son is trying hard to be as horrible as his father.  I am not advocating intervention, I just question why Obama isn’t sending in the planes.


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Arab Spring Updates

Posted by madjillmom on February 7, 2012

Let’s see how the great Arab Spring is going. Gosh, the middle east is sure complicated.  Oh, wait.  Hillary is Sec. of State and the smartest man in the world is President.  No worries…

Eqypt – Perhaps PresBO doesn’t remember the Carter administration, but I do.  When you overthrow the devil you know (the Shah and Hosni Mubarek) the islamists gain power and basically take American citizens hostage.  Then, it was in Iran, now it is in Egypt.  A year ago, Egypt was at basic peace with Israel.  Now it is overrun with Islamists killing Christians and holding American hostage. The American hostages were front page news in the late 1970’s but little is said or known about the current crop of hostages.  American hostages would make PresBO look bad, so don’t look for this to be a big deal on the MSM.

Libya – After rumors of mass killings by Kol. Krazy Khadify, PresBO signed on to the fight of the little guys.  Of course, some of those little guys are proving to be worse.  Point in case is the killing of a former diplomat to France.  He was tortured and his toe nails were pulled out.  This was done by the current government, backed by Hillary and PresBO, literally leading from behind.

Syria – Don’t say our all-knowing PresBO hasn’t learned on the job.  After supporting Egypt’s and Libya’s revolution and things not going so well, I guess he isn’t so hot to bomb the world’s most deadly eye doctor who is killing his own people by the thousands.  Too bad for Obama that there are more and more videos out of the area.  Soon he will have to take time off from campaigning to wag a finger at Bashar Al Asad.  I guess he is wondering why he has to do anything since Joe Biden and Hillary are foriegn policy experts.

Iran – Building Nuclear Bombs without restraint.  Sanctions were tightened again.  The Ayatollah called for Israel’s obliteration again.  No big deal.  Same old, same old…

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A Penny for Your Thoughts, Col. Mo

Posted by madjillmom on May 2, 2011

Wonder what Col. Mo thinks of this announcement last night?

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