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Concealed Carry for Teachers and Principals

Posted by madjillmom on December 17, 2012

In the State of Texas, active military can obtain a concealed carry permit and the fee is waived. They must take the course, but do not have to pay for their license. Maybe Texas should consider waiving the fee for teachers and principals at public and private schools. Schools are soft targets. We can’t outlaw crazy, so we might as well make schools able to defend against them.

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Connecticut School Shooting

Posted by madjillmom on December 14, 2012

As the mother of three young men in active military service, I know there is a risk of a knock on the door and unbearable news coming into our lives. Sending your children off to elementary school is not the same thing. I will pray for those too young and innocent, too soon gone. I pray for their families.

Now there is word that the shooter might have been the son of a teacher. Where did he get the idea that he was such a victim that he needed to kill others on the way out? Could it be our culture that tells you nothing is your own fault? Could it be our culture that tells us that our last minutes can make headlines? Can it be video games and movies that glorify lots of deviant behaviour?

I know this will be blamed mostly on the guns. Guns don’t kill people, crazy people kill people. This young man chose to do this. ┬áLet’s blame him. Let’s blame the Aurora shooter. Let blame the Portland Mall shooter.


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