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Obama – Having it Both Ways on the Border

Posted by madjillmom on June 17, 2014

When the wave of illegal immigrants surged in late May, the Obama apologist talking heads began the drumbeat. They want Obama to be able to have it both ways.

Last week, I began to hear from several of the pundits that this was really no different that what has been happening for several years. So which is it? Is the surge the same as it has been? Massive amounts of women and children (up to age 18) surrendering to Border Patrol to be warehoused all over the country because of violence at home or is it the other constant assertion of Obama and DHS – The border is more secure than it has ever been. It can’t be both. Of course, the surge is new, precipitated by Obama’s Dream Act by fiat and bad information going out through the grapevine. Denying the surge is stupid just as calling the border secure has been a lie from the beginning.

The numbers and the pictures don’t lie. Obama does.


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DHS to Say “No Terrorist” Indications at Naval Yard Shootings

Posted by madjillmom on September 16, 2013

Quick. Someone find Janet Napolitano’s replacement. Whoever they are is supposed to come out about 15 minutes ago and tell us there is no indication that this is a terrorist attack.  DHS is supposed to do this in absence of any actual facts from the ground. Never mind we don’t know who the shooter/shooters are or the motive behind the shooting, someone from DHS will characterize it as other than terror.

AP reporting at least 6 dead. Nothing to see here. Obviously another “workplace violence” situation. Never mind where it happened and never mind there might be more than one shooter.

Update: Janet Napolitano’s legacy is safe. There is report that DHS has issued a report already that there is no known “connection to terrorism”.  Now I feel so much safer. No info available yet, but DHS know this isn’t a terrorist attack. Never mind there might be three shooters.

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Criminal Illegals in Detention Let Go by DHS

Posted by madjillmom on March 2, 2013

ICE and DHS have released illegal aliens scheduled to undergo deportation hearings. DHS and ICE tell us that these are just everyday illegals and not a threat to anyone. However, over a year ago, DHS, ICE and Pres. Obama told us that they were going to concentrate their limited resources on deporting only criminal illegal aliens. So, why did you have just regular illegal aliens in detention? Or were they in fact, gang members and criminals waiting to be deported? Someone needs to answer why they were detaining regular illegals when they told us they were only going to deport criminal illegal aliens.  You can’t have it both ways.

This release has backfired. Blaming Sequestration on the release is stupid. If they did release criminals, and those criminals commit crimes while released, ICE/DHS/PresBO will have to answer to this stupid move. Remember, Sequestration was the brainchild of our new Treasury Secretary, Jack Lew.

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