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Two Senseless Killings

Posted by madjillmom on August 23, 2013

Young and dangerous men kill two people in the last week or so. Three gang members or gang wanna-bees kill an Australian college student in a small town in OK. I have been to Duncan, OK. It is a pleasant little town with a good base of industry and a lovely downtown with some great places to antique shop. It is small town America. My son lives nearby in Lawton, OK. He has told us about the gangs and no go areas in Lawton. OK. Another town that shouldn’t have gangs. My sister, on the eastern side of the state has spoken about gangs in her really rural area.

Two black thugs beat to death an Army veteran who fought in Okinawa and was wounded. He was 89 years old. One of the killers has been caught. This all happened in Spokane, another beautiful town. I don’t know if the killers are part of a gang or not. I do know they didn’t use a gun, they beat the man to death.

An employee of Homeland Security runs a web-site that tells blacks to prepare for the coming race war. He advocates the killing of lots of white people.

Meanwhile, Obama pretends to be riding on a bus advocating the federal government get more involved in making college more affordable. He had to do something after his chic vacay at Martha’s Vineyard.


  • The three killers in OK evidently lived in apartments subsidized by the ever growing welfare state.
  • One of the OK killers tweeted about hating white people and hurting white people after the Trayvon Martin verdict.
  • Cell phone pics and posts on social networking show one of the killers posing with a gun and there were shots of piles of money. How does a kid living in the projects/subsidized housing get access to piles of money?
  • Jesse Jackson scolded the young men and told them this kind of thing is “frowned upon”. Killing is “frowned upon”? He later came out and condemned the killing.
  • Do any of these 5 young men have intact families?
  • The Dems are blaming it on the gun again. We have had access to guns for hundreds of years, but senseless killings like this are a recent phenomenon. How can they blame it on guns?
  • The Dems rarely or never ask about the other stuff at play. Broken families, glorification of violence by video games and music, welfare state empowering of all this stuff, and the lack of moral fiber in these young men.
  • The Dems are blaming this on lack of school funding. I can pretty much tell you that Duncan Schools are funded pretty well. It is the home of Halliburton. Why is it the school’s responsibility to make these horrible young men upstanding community members? Schools are there to babysit and occasionally  teach something to these monsters.
  • Should we prepare for the upcoming race war?
  • If the problem is guns, what about the killing in Spokane?
  • Will Obama speak out about either of these horrible killings? Or maybe he can speak out about all the black on black crime that hurts our Nation all day, every day. He has the ability but apparently not the backbone to do so.

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Obama’s FEMA Now Ordering MREs

Posted by madjillmom on November 3, 2012

While patting themselves on the back for their response, it is quite telling that only now is FEMA ordering MREs to feed those in the Sandy Storm Zone. Why didn’t they have those in stock already? Why aren’t they already distributed to those in need?

By the way, the net is full of articles about the stockpile of ammo that Homeland Security has. Guess people can eat bullets.  Remember when Bush hated Blacks because of the response to Katrina? Who does Obama hate? Why is this not his fault? If FEMA is just now ordering meals, doesn’t that mean that they are responsible for providing? Nothing in the MSM echo chamber, as usual.

The Federal Government should be restricted to doing a few things well.  Response to an emergency isn’t apparently one of the things.

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Blow Dryers and a Suicide Bomber

Posted by madjillmom on February 18, 2012

The Dept. of Homeland Security announced that it had confiscated some very dangerous blow dryers last week.  Gosh, I feel so much better.  Flea markets from coast to coast will not be selling these shocking hair dryers.

On another plane of existence, a wannabe suicide bomber was arrested before going to the Capitol to blow himself up.  A Moroccan man fresh from the mosque on his way to make a lone-wolf statement. Maybe he was upset about the shoddy blow dryers.

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