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Obama, the Military, and Quarantine

Posted by madjillmom on October 29, 2014

Pres. Obama came out today to tell us just how unfair it is to the volunteers who treat Ebola to quarantine them upon their return. Somewhere along the way, they deserve the benefit of the doubt.

The military, who the Obama administration says will not be treating Ebola victims must have a 21 day quarantine, but the people who actually treat Ebola victims must not be stigmatized by such an indignity.  Where is the Ebola Czar and what does he think?




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Obama Kissing Ebola Caregivers

Posted by madjillmom on October 15, 2014

Obama is lecturing us on the two cases of Ebola contracted by “health care workers” in Dallas. We shouldnt be alarmed. He tells us the protocols work, so I guess it must be the nurses’ fault. Then he tells us that he himself has kissed Ebola caregivers (well after the contagion period, of course) and he has no fear of catching Ebola. He is Superman. Kissing Nurses. Way to make it all about you, Obama.

The CDC is behind the curve on this. The hospital involved too many people. And, damn, Obama had to cancel the fundraisers he needed to go to. Must really be serious if he cancelled a fundraiser or golf.

By the way, the Liberian man lied to gain access to “his family” (actually his girlfriend). It is his fault, not the nurses fault. The CDC is shutting the barn after the horses get out. They are moving today’s victim to Emory, but not the victim from Sunday. Does any of this make sense? Obama put himself in charge today after an abrupt change in his schedule.  His “unlikely events” are happening and our government is unable to keep us safe. Someone better do something about Global Climate Change quick. What are your priorities, Pres. Obama?

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Ebola and Profiling

Posted by madjillmom on October 7, 2014

Many question the Obama administration and their response to suspending flights from countries with rampant Ebola. They say it won’t help and that it  will make it harder to get the epidemic under control. There are arguments on both sides of this issue. Then lots of balls were dropped in Dallas, the nation realizes a lot of the risk.

This will have to get a lot worse than it currently is to get the Obama administration to profile black people from Africa. The administration cannot be seen to be throwing out only black people while letting white missionaries and cameramen come home to America for treatment. Remember, profiling is a big “NO NO” for liberal Dems, Ben Affleck, and Obama. The congressional black caucus would begin to talk of the sick and dead slaves thrown off the slave ships and some quaint tale of schools of sharks still following boats now for a tender morsel of an African slave.

I don’t know what the answer is, but I don’t trust Obama to do the right thing for the right reason.

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Coalitions, Obama, and Ebola

Posted by madjillmom on September 21, 2014

President Obama announce a coalition (0f the confused) to fight ISIL about 10 days ago. He said the large coalition was doing great things. Turns out the coalition is kinda secret, and doing kinda secret minor things. I would like a list of the coalition countries and just exactly what they are doing. At least France has sent one bomber to the fight but that is about all we know. John Kerry is still working on it. Obama spoke of it as a done deal with billions of dollars in help flooding in:

“So this is our strategy. And in each of these four parts of our strategy, America will be joined by a broad coalition of partners. Already, allies are flying planes with us over Iraq; sending arms and assistance to Iraqi security forces and the Syrian opposition; sharing intelligence; and providing billions of dollars in humanitarian aid. Secretary Kerry was in Iraq today meeting with the new government and supporting their efforts to promote unity. And in the coming days he will travel across the Middle East and Europe to enlist more partners in this fight, especially Arab nations who can help mobilize Sunni communities in Iraq and Syria, to drive these terrorists from their lands. This is American leadership at its best: We stand with people who fight for their own freedom, and we rally other nations on behalf of our common security and common humanity.”

Now Obama is sending troops to fight Ebola. Where is the coalition to fight Ebola. Where are the other African nations? Where is the UN? Where is a 4 country coalition to fight this scourge? Seems like it is just us again. Seems that Ebola is a big concern for us but not the rest of the world.

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War on Ebola and the Flu

Posted by madjillmom on September 16, 2014

So now, Pres. Obama is going to send 3000 “boots on the ground” to fight the scourge of Ebola in Africa. There have been over 4000 cases reported and at least 2500 deaths. I looked at the CDC website to ascertain the number of deaths due to seasonal flu in the US and if I am reading the chart right, the average number of deaths due to flu is annually 6000.

ISIL has killed way more people than Ebola this year and there are only 1500 “advisors”  on the ground (sans boots) working on a war against ISIL, or whatever term the Obama administration feels serves it political end is using today.

On another War front, the War on Poverty has consumed over $20 trillion in our tax dollars without any appreciable change in the rate of poverty.

Question: If the incubation period on Ebola can be 21 days, how can we catch it on airlines or at ports here. An Ebola patient sneezes in a taxi or vomits there. The taxi driver picks up another passenger soon after and takes him to the airport. The passenger boards a plane for America and goes to Chicago or Dallas.

I have been told that one of our kids will be deploying in December or January. I think I would rather him advise on eradicating ISIL rather than Ebola.

Once again, Obama is late to the party on Ebola and ISIL.


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