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ObamaCare is a New Entitlement

Posted by madjillmom on October 1, 2013

A new day has dawned and a new entitlement that can never be taken away is now in place. All hail King Obama and the new entitlement, ObamaCare. After the first subsidy is used to pay for coverage, it can never be taken away. No matter that there is no way to verify whether someone is eligible for the subsidy for a few years. No matter that prisoners and tax cheats are already figuring out how to get the subsidy. No matter that illegal aliens are going to be getting those subsidies. It is a great day for people who love government.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, we are waiting for a letter from our insurance carrier raising the premiums on our coverage because it now has to cover everything rather than be a high deductible policy paired with a Health Savings Account. So, I go on to see what is in the exchange. I have tried to set up an account twice this morning. Both times, I have been told that it couldn’t be done at this time and to try again. It is 6:30 central time. Half the country is still asleep, but the system can’t handle the load. Not ready for primetime. Lots of unintended consequences. Obama and the Dems have crafted this horrible law, but they don’t have to live under it. Waivers, delays, and missed deadlines will not stop Obama from taking over the healthcare system. One more step to socialized medicine.


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