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ObamaCare and the FAA Air Controller Furloughs

Posted by madjillmom on April 26, 2013

Sequestration has been a fact of life for our federal government for a long time. It has been coming, they knew about it, and the government bosses at the FAA should have made reasonable plans to make the cuts in low priority areas or low use airports. But that isn’t the way the President wants it to be. So, now they have done it the stupid way, and people are pissed off. The cuts are completely doable in a way that would not slow down already slow air travel. But our President wants the cuts to hurt. Is this anyway to run a government? No. While crying over the cuts the federal government proves it can’t really handle anything very well. They just want you to send them some more taxes.

Please remember that the same people who have brought you the stupid furloughs at the FAA are also trying to put into effect the crazy and inefficient ObamaCare law. Costs have skyrocketed, exchanges are doomed, the Death Panels are getting ready to portion out the limited bypass surgeries done by the limited doctors (due to predicted shortages). Fewer and fewer doctors will take Medicare and Medicaid and the government doctors will be furloughed in the middle of a bird flu epidemic. Welcome to the wonderful future of ObamaCare!


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