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Romney’s Mormonism

Posted by madjillmom on May 23, 2012

Last week, Jodi Cantor wrote an article for the NYT about how Mormonism shaped Mitt Romney.  So the NYT feels that Romney’s religion is an issue that needs to be delved into.  We have so often been told that we cannot talk about Obama’s two mentors (acknowledged by Barack Obama himself in his writing).  These two mentors being Frank Davis, a communist who helped mold young Obama in Hawaii, and Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s pastor for 20 years.  Wrights sermons had a profound impact on Obama.  He chose this mentor, but we are told that is old news (not really covered in 2008 by the NYT).  Now, there are numerous articles about Mormonism and the bad things done throughout its history that are coming out.  Evidently, Romney is responsible for every bad Mormon thing done.  Yet Obama is held blameless for Wright’s rantings on Jews and the evil white men who control the evil United States of the KKK.  Obama stood by and listened and nodded and never walked out on his mentor.  But evidently, that didn’t shape Obama.

If Romney’s Mormonism is an issue, then Obama’s Reverend Wright is an issue.  Treat them the same.  Is there no journalism at work in the MSM?  No, I guess not.

This article by Jodi Kantor makes mention of the strange fact that Mitt and Anne Romney think they will be together in heaven so they try to work things out here on Earth.  This is presented as a kinda weird thing.  I guess I must be weird too.  I expect to be with my husband in heaven also.  Don’t most of us think this?  I expect to see all my family, save the one’s who may have gone in the other direction.


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Life Isn’t Fair

Posted by madjillmom on December 8, 2011

PresBO’s most overused word for this year is “fair”.  The rich should pay their fair share. Everyone should get a fair shake.  The more he pushes for his version of fairness, the more I can see a little boy screaming that it isn’t fair that someone else’s cookie has more sprinkles than his does.  Didn’t his mother tell him that life isn’t fair?  Didn’t he have to do some sit-ups in Jr. High because some twerp acted up during PE?  Doesn’t he know that if life were fair, he wouldn’t be President?  After all, he was the newcomer.  John McCain had already stood in line for a long time.  We all get dealt a hand, some are smart, some are beautiful, some are rich, some are poor.  Obama is smart, beautiful, and rich.  Is that fair?

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