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Illegal Alien Tsunami Reaching Ft. Sill, OK

Posted by madjillmom on June 10, 2014

Update: Pres. Obama is asking for $2 billion to handle this surge of illegal immigrants. He is also trying to figure out if he can put them under the umbrella of his Dream Act by fiat.

As a military mom, I monitor Face Book activity on the posts and bases my sons are attached to. Yesterday, we received a notice on FB (from Fires Center of Excellence) to tell the community that 1200 children in the unexpected tsunami (Obama created) of illegal aliens (minor children) overwhelming the border are coming to Ft. Sill to be housed where soldiers used to be housed. There is a huge wave of illegal aliens crossing the border that Border Patrol has been instructed to let through. These people have been told that they will not be turned away. This is the consequence of Obama and his Dream Act by fiat as well as other measures, such a less deportation, and less enforcement. It had to happen. Obama put out a big red neon WELCOME sign.  Now we have a humanitarian crisis on our hands. Obama must warehouse these people and will not ever be seen to deny them anything. But this will ultimately defeat immigration reform.

So now, Obama’s actions have produced a new and large burden on us all. These 1200 people must now be housed, clothed, fed, and given medical care. This will cost money. Our money. Lawyers are already being hired by the government to handle these people. More people will be hired to look after them while they are warehoused. A huge system will be put in place. Legal immigration will grind to a halt while all this is handled.

The Border Patrol is babysitting, not able to monitor the border as well due to the wave of children and some mothers. So you can bet so really bad guys are getting in while all this stuff is going on. The Border Patrol agent that leaked the children warehoused like sardines is threatened with loss of his job. Obama can’t keep the lid on this much longer.

People in the Lawton/Ft. Sill area are concerned. What about schooling? Will their school have to accommodate these children?

FEMA and Department of Health and Human Services are in charge of these people. So if a big hurricane does come, I hope the money is there. Remember the Obamacare rollout. These are the people in charge of this wave of humanity. They will be released to family or sponsors. A ticket to stay. More are coming.

Here is the press release from FB page:

Fort Sill to support Federal Interagency mission

Fort Sill –Fort Sill has been identified to support a U.S. federal interagency effort being coordinated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to respond to a recent unexpected influx of unaccompanied children from other countries. Following Joint Base San Antonio and Naval Base Ventura County, the installation becomes the third Department of Defense facility to support this mission.

The children were primarily apprehended by U.S. Customs and Border Protection along the southern U.S. border and are now being cared for by the Department of Health and Human Services’ Administration for Children and Families (ACF). The installation will receive these children in the coming days and they will be under ACF care. Fort Sill’s headquarters are assisted by U.S. Northern Command on how to best support this important interagency mission.

ACF will provide caretakers for between 600-1200 children that will temporarily reside on the installation. The agency will maintain responsibility to ensure the safety, care and treatment of the unaccompanied minors. Fort Sill will provide a vacant facility historically used by Soldiers set apart from main post that offers sleeping quarters, bathing and toilet facilities, as well as multi-purpose gathering space.

The children may arrive as early as this week and will continue to reside under ACF’s care on the installation until the children can be reunited with their families or placed with a sponsor. Fort Sill anticipates supporting the interagency mission for up to four months or as long as directed. The Fires Center of Excellence and Fort Sill does not currently assess that its primary mission of training and deploying Soldiers and Marines will be significantly impacted by this temporary arrangement.

NOTE: Please remember OPSEC. Only what is above is releasable. These are children and that means a different set of rules that many are used to. Fort Sill PAO is able to answer only very limited questions and we are required to defer most questions to DHHS.


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Waiting for the Government to Help – Sandy Edition

Posted by madjillmom on November 8, 2012

It was hushed up for a week. Obama had a photo-op and everything was pronounced working great. Only problem is that it isn’t working great. When FEMA shows up, they aren’t any real help. Go on the internet is the refrain. Now that Obama is re-elected, the stories are coming out. Little better than Katrina.

Billions spent, national, state, and local bureaucracies still unable to help in a really bad situation. But that doesn’t stop the politicians from patting themselves on their backs. Obama said he would make sure and check back in with these folks. He is afraid to go back there unless there is a party with some stars or Michele wants a romantic night out.

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Obama’s FEMA Now Ordering MREs

Posted by madjillmom on November 3, 2012

While patting themselves on the back for their response, it is quite telling that only now is FEMA ordering MREs to feed those in the Sandy Storm Zone. Why didn’t they have those in stock already? Why aren’t they already distributed to those in need?

By the way, the net is full of articles about the stockpile of ammo that Homeland Security has. Guess people can eat bullets.  Remember when Bush hated Blacks because of the response to Katrina? Who does Obama hate? Why is this not his fault? If FEMA is just now ordering meals, doesn’t that mean that they are responsible for providing? Nothing in the MSM echo chamber, as usual.

The Federal Government should be restricted to doing a few things well.  Response to an emergency isn’t apparently one of the things.

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FEMA News Conference and Storm App

Posted by madjillmom on August 27, 2011

If you wanted to feel as though the President, FEMA, and Homeland Security have it all together in regards to Hurricane Irene, the bad audio of the forecaster portion of the news conference wasn’t reassuring.  The audio on this fellow was so bad, it sounded as though he was speaking from the actual storm.

They have now pointed out that the app for smartphones and I-pads are giving out information that can be used.  Do they think that internet connections, cell towers,  and electricity will be available to check these things?  How many of the people knew there was an app for that as of yesterday.  Thank goodness that FEMA is busy working on apps.

Our experience with Rita and Ike tell us that cell phone traffic makes cell phones pretty useless early on.  This was pre-smartphone, so I do not really know if you will be able to get internet while in storm.  Plus, it looks like it was just available yesterday.  Part of the app is getting ready for storm with a storm kit.  Believe me, all the stuff you would go and buy are long gone by now.  (Same with Pres. Obama’s address yesterday.  If you waited until yesterday to get your supplies, there are none left.)

I wonder if you can apply for government assistance with the app?  I am going to go check it out.  Is there an I phone app?

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