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Middle Class Chumps are We

Posted by madjillmom on March 3, 2009

This post by John Derbyshire at The Corner may haunt me for awhile.  We are doing what our advisor says to do.  Giving up today for a better future tomorrow.  I usually do the right thing.  A year ago, I could see my reward building, a future out there that was reasonable.  Now we are back a dozen years in effort, with a harder slog ahead.  All this while I pay for others to do the wrong thing.  Meanwhile, Pres. Obama preaches to me about personal responsibility.


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Pres. Claims Minor Differences on Stimulus Package – Negates own Argument

Posted by madjillmom on February 23, 2009

At his closing comments on the Fiscal Responsibility Summit, he claims there were only about 15% difference with the Republicans on the stimulus package. Only a little bit of difference he says. The why, prey tell, did he always state the argument in terms of this stimulus package versus no stimulus package?

Plus, after being lectured by a Republican on including ideas from the Republicans to get more bi-partisan support, Obama went back to the false argument of no Republican ideas. The republicans have a lot of ideas and the President knows it. The Pres. is very touchy about this. Very thin skinned.

If the Republicans work with the President on the Fiscal Responsibility Summit, they should make sure to publicize their ideas to the people so the President can’t say once again that they had no ideas. The republicans have to do a better job of getting out their message.

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Fiscal Responsibility Summit and Rep. Charlie Rangel

Posted by madjillmom on February 23, 2009

Pres. Obama just came out to let us know how things went at the Financial Responsibility Summit today. He told us all how they brainstormed, how his people took copious notes, and how they will get back to us with real plans on the other “crisis” issues of the day. Those being Social Security, Tax Reform and Healthcare. They will then distribute the notes to the participants. Now the participants are bloviating about what a great meeting they had. Now to add real Financial Responsibility, Rep. Charles Rangel is speaking. This is so riduculous. Why would Pres. Obama call on him with the cloud of tax problems and ethics problems he has now. Why would I trust anything that comes out of a Summit that allow Charlie Rangel to participate?

The market is down 250 points today. Several times they have all broken out in laughter. I wonder what is so funny.

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