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Obama Likes to Advertise

Posted by madjillmom on September 21, 2012

Pres. Obama really likes to advertise. Advertising seems like a capitalist concept that he is really in to.

  • He really likes to attend fund raisers with celebrities so he can spend campaign funds on advertising.
  • He thinks it is a good idea to advertise to get more people to go on food stamps because 47,000,000 isn’t enough.  Novel idea. Yet strangely, he is greatly offended when he is called the Food Stamp President.
  • He used the late Andy Griffith to advertise Obamacare.  It didn’t help and it made me think so much less of good old Andy.
  • He is now advertising in Pakistan telling the peaceful protestors that we don’t denigrate religion and that freedom of speech has a big downside. Funny, he regularly denigrated Catholic principles and bitter people clinging to their religion.  Wonder if he thinks the people of Pock-ee-stan cling to their religion while they burn Obama in effigy.
  • Remember those big signs telling us that projects were funded by Obama’s Stimulus

Of course, it is pretty easy to like advertising.  Especially when 4 of the 5 listed are using taxpayer’s money to do so.


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You Can’t Handle the Truth from Romney

Posted by madjillmom on September 18, 2012

The MSM and all the Dems can’t seem to handle the truth.  Last week, Romney spoke about how the administration should not have apologized for our free speech rights.  The press went nuts, blaming Romney for practically all ills in the world while ignoring the President’s policies and the hand they have played in Death of the American Ambassador. As a candidate, Obama regularly questioned the Bush administration foreign policy, and that was just fine with the press.  Now Romney states that it isn’t good to disparage one of our rights enshrined in our Constitution in the Bill of Rights. Obama went to Vegas to appear before adoring cheering crowds, but that wasn’t unseemly.  Only Romney’s comment on free speech.  By the way, the Obama administration backed off the free speech twitter that came from the US Embassy.

Now the MSM has ahold of a recording of Romney telling his audience that Obama has a high percentage of vote because people are dependent on government, that these people think they are victims, and that they feel they are entitled.  Whoa, Nelly!  Romney has spoken the truth once again. When Obama spoke of bitter people clinging to their religion and guns, the press applauded. When Romney speak the truth about a huge percentage of people clinging bitterly to their government checks and benefits, the Press/MSM and the Dems come unglued at the seams.

Obama wants to tell these people that taxing the rich will keep the checks coming.  It won’t. Taking the rich won’t fund the government but for 10 days. We don’t have the money and the people who are dependent on government and the Dems don’t want to hear the truth of it all.

Disability goes to one in 16, Food stamps are going to one in 6, handouts are a way of life, not based on real need.  Otherwise, why would an able bodied man in California be paid disability because he feels a need to sleep in a giant baby bed and wear diapers.  That is the truth. We soon will not be able to help those who really do need the help.

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Obama, Mexico, and Food Stamps

Posted by madjillmom on July 19, 2012

So it turns out the the FDA thinks it is a good idea to advertise food stamps for illegal immigrants.  And it further turns out that the Obama Administration is working with the Mexican government to get illegal aliens onto the dole with food stamps.

So, let me get this straight.  We can work closely with the Mexican government to get more illegal aliens onto food stamps, but we can’t let them know that we are arming the drug cartels with weapons we are letting walk across the border.  Obama and the whole administration is stupid. This President denies being the Food Stamp President at his own risk.

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Food Stamps and Smart Phones

Posted by madjillmom on December 8, 2011

I was reading a story on Yahoo earlier.  The story said that a 12 yr. old girl had made status updates to FaceBook while her mother was at the benefits office in San Antonio.  The mother took her two kids to the office and shot her children and killed herself in protest to not receiving benefits.  So, she was claiming that there was no food for her children, yet her daughter obviously had access to a smart phone to update her FB status.  So, this means that the mother (a nutcase to be sure) wanted food stamps but was also able to afford a smart phone for herself or her daughter.  The cheapest smart phone with access to the internet is about 50 per month, not including the initial outlay of cost of phone and account.

I strongly suspect that most people on food stamps and other forms of welfare have smart phones, cable, internet, computers, and large screen TVs.    What does this say about our poor people?

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