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Benghazi and the White House Truth

Posted by madjillmom on November 18, 2012

Gen. Petraeus says he didn’t change the report. The White House says they only changed the “consulate” to “diplomatic facility” in order to be precise. The White House is really concerned about be PRECISE!!!  They are still spinning the Mohammed video as cause and they are concerned that the facility be precisely described? Yeah, right.

Someone told weak little Susan Rice to repeatedly tell people that it was the video. Who did that and why? Easy questions to ask if the MSM can ever figure out that they aren’t the Official Obama Fan Club.  Oh, yeah, they only care about how many times the General and his girlfriend did it under the desk.


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Government in the Bedroom

Posted by madjillmom on November 15, 2012

Remember when we were told that Pres. Clinton’s major indescretion was a personal and private matter that we didn’t need to concern ourselves with? Remember when we were told that Monica Lewinsky was not a security matter, but just an embarrassing failing that in no way affected his ability to do his job?

Now, instead of finally calling the Obama administration to account for Benghazi, we are delving deep into the personal failings of a great man or men it seems. The government is checking e-mails, collecting computers, raiding homes, and probably checking for a stained dress in an attempt to ruin some men. The difference is the press loved Clinton, but not the military.

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