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Senator Dianne Feinstein’s Moral High Horse

Posted by madjillmom on December 9, 2014

Thanks so much Senator Feinstein. You have climbed to the summit of your moral high ground to tell us all what we all know. The United States has used torture against our enemies. You thrust out your chin and told us all just how bad you and the other Dems on your committee think we are. You cleansed yourself. Thanks so much for doing this a few weeks before one of our sons deploys to Obama’s muddled Middle East.

A few questions:

Did you concern yourself with how this throws gasoline on an already raging fire? Is the revelations in this report worth another one of our citizens or another member of our military being killed or tortured in response. Will you sleep when ISIS/ISIL announces it will kill again because of these old revelations (in vivid detail) in a shiny book form for us all to read?  I won’t be getting much sleep because of it.

$40,000,000 expense? Really. You are borrowing from my unborn grandchildren to fund your moral hobby high horse?

In this shiny book, is there any evidence that we threatened on video to cut off some detainee’s head, posted video’s to the parents of the detainee, then made another video cutting off the head of a detainee for all the world to see? No. I don’t think so.

Are you feeling guilty that you went along with this for a time?

How do you think Putin and Kim Jong Un will suddenly get religion and make mea culpa reports on their abuse? They are laughing at us.

Do you not believe in covert action to serve our purposes? Many of us do believe in such action.

So your $40,000,000 report says no good intel was gained by this? There are those who say otherwise but you don’t include their opinion. I am pretty certain that some good intel came from this. Not none. But some. Not as much as the CIA says was obtained, but certainly not “none”.

Are you willing to send one of your grandchildren into harms way beside my son after revealing this one sided report?

OrAre you just really pissed off that Obama’s CIA was hacking your office computers and you want to make them pay? How dare they do that to someone as important as you.

Obama just drones them. Is this better? Do we get any intelligence when they are droned from afar?

Those who now provide some intelligence will no longer do so because they know a report on their actions will be churned out of a Senate Committee by a Woman with High Morals.


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Syrian Weapons of Mass Destruction

Posted by madjillmom on February 24, 2012

Remember around this time last year, PresBO came out and said there would be military bombing in Libya to help the insurgents.  The main reason given was because Krazy Kol. Khadafi was killing his own people.  In we went, with added costs and a much longer engagement than was promised in those early days.

Now, we are finally seeing some of the killing going on in Syria.  Western journalists are there and 7300 is the current death count.  Now, Assad’s forces have killed an American Journalist.  Secretary of State Hillary is meeting with the Friends of Syria and there is a show of talk and condemnation, but no bombs from American planes.  What is the difference between the two countries and Obama’s reaction to them?

When we first went into Iraq, there were some officials and some evidence that Saddam Hussein sent shipments of weapons of mass destruction to Syria so they would not be found.  Ever since that time, Democrats have raked Bush over the coals about “lies about WMD” that were used to get us into the Iraq War.

Could this be one of the reasons that we do not do what we did in Libya?  If the current dictator was overthrown, could something embarrassing come to light about hidden WMDs?  If WMDs were found in Syria, who would gain and who would lose?

Another oppressive, horrible man runs Syria.  He is the son of his horrible oppressive dad who slaughtered 10,000 of his people in the early ’80s.  I guess the son is trying hard to be as horrible as his father.  I am not advocating intervention, I just question why Obama isn’t sending in the planes.

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Donald Trump and Greasing the Skids for Obama and Bush

Posted by madjillmom on April 28, 2011

Remember when Dan Rather and all the MSM glommed onto all the stories about George Bush’s National Guard Service.  Dem. Ben Barnes told how he had helped get George a coveted slot in the National Guard.  Then Dan and others produced documents to show that Pres. Bush didn’t do well in the National Guard.  Of course, thosr papers blew up in Rather’s face because they were faked .  Most people felt the skids were greased for Pres. Bush in the Nat’l. Guard, that it wasn’t luck or ability that got him where he was.

Now, Donald Trump is asking about Obama’s college records.  Obama has not released his records from the three colleges he attended.  Trump wants to know how an average or below average student from Occidental College got into Columbia and then went onto Harvard Law School.   Remember, we did know George Bush’s college grades and his SAT score.  Those were used to tell us repeatedly that he was an idiot, a dunce, an incurious frat boy fool who never saw the inside of a library.  It was important to know those things.  The MSM wanted the information then.  Now, no one knows about Obama.  The right fringe does talk about rumors of radicals who helped Obama get into Harvard.  He hasn’t ever confirmed if there were scholarships or grants.  He has spoken of college loans that were hard to repay (until he became a millionaire).  The MSM press likes to tell us how smart Obama is.  If we were to find out that Obama had the skids greased by affirmative action or cronies in high places, would that reflect on his brilliance?  If he didn’t take advantage of programs for minorities, he would have been an idiot.  Remember how this was such an issue with Clarence Thomas.  He took advantage of the programs and he paid a price with the liberals.

This isn’t the issue that is most important to our time, but it does make me wonder what Obama doesn’t want us to know.  It won’t make one bit of difference with my kids’ futures, but it still sits out there as a question.  The MSM press was so intent on Obama being President.  They did not put him through the ringer and did not properly vet him.  Now he is running for President again.  Will it be done this time?  I won’t hold my breath.

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