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Negotiating with Terrorists

Posted by madjillmom on June 1, 2014

Obama and Chuck Hagel want to call it just an amazing coincidence and not a trade. They have negotiated with the Taliban and released 5 high level Taliban in exchange for our captured Bowe Bergdahl. While I am thrilled for his strange parents, I am worried for all our troops remaining in Afghanistan. They all have a much greater risk of being captured now. The Taliban want all their prisoners released so expect more troops to be captured and traded 5 bad guys for 1 good guy. More really smart stuff out of Obama and his administration. 

If I was the mother of one of the 9800 to stay in Afghanistan through 2016, I would be in constant fear. 


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Drones and Killing Americans

Posted by madjillmom on February 5, 2013

The memo that has been brought out by the Justice Department tells us that it is a Presidential power to kill Americans thought to be fighting against us with drone attacks. In other words, it is better to kill than water board  OK. I a ok with this. It would be better to capture those terrorists, but Obama has backed himself into a corner. He can’t repopulate Gitmo and he won’t water board for good intelligence, so his only option is to kill Americans abroad with drone strikes. Remember when Gitmo and Waterboarding were Bush’s war crimes, punishable by the Hague?

If I were Rush Limbaugh, I wouldn’t leave the country for fear of Obama’s drones.

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