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Obama’s Biggest Mistake

Posted by madjillmom on July 13, 2012

It wasn’t pushing through Obamacare with no bi-partisan votes. It wasn’t letting the Dems write-up a ridiculous Stimulus package that didn’t do the job and indebted our children and our children’s children. It wasn’t his evolving flip-flops on gay marriage. It wasn’t his arrogance when meeting with the opposition and telling them tough nouggies, “I won”. It wasn’t winning the Nobel Peace Prize for doing nothing. It wasn’t his apology tour. It wasn’t backing the Arab Spring to an Islamic nightmare. It wasn’t speaking about “police acting stupidly” before you knew the facts. It wasn’t expensive vacations in Martha’s Vineyard.  It wasn’t polling to get a dog. It wasn’t throwing contract law out the window and screwing the GM and Chrysler bondholders in favor of the UAW. It isn’t his penchant for taking credit for the good and blaming Bush for all the bad. It isn’t the crappy unemployment numbers and the college graduates working as janitors. It isn’t more people on food stamps and disability than ever before. It isn’t ten programs instituted to help the housing/foreclosure crisis that do nothing but extend the pain and agony. It isn’t his genuine inability to understand what creates a job. No, none of that.

It was the fact that he didn’t TALK ENOUGH and give us stupid people a better storyline of his fabulous policies. If he can just talk enough, we will re-elect him.  Gosh, his analysis is so spot on.

Plus don’t forget, Romney is rich.

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Government Motors Makes Obama a Rube

Posted by madjillmom on March 2, 2012

Last week, PresBO gave a stirring speech before the auto workers, telling them how bad the Republicans are because they don’t support the massive bailouts of GM.  He told them it wasn’t a payoff to the unions.  He even told them he would buy a Volt in 5 years and drive it around after he leaves the Presidency.  Huge crowd roars approval.

Flash forward this week.  GM announces that they will have to lay off Volt workers for 5 weeks because of poor sales.  Doesn’t this make Obama look like an idiot?

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