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Tiger Woods and Sequestration

Posted by madjillmom on February 18, 2013

Sequestration is looming. PresBO is holding high level meetings with his good friend, Tiger Woods. They discussed the ramifications of the cuts to the military on the back nine. By the 19th hole, they had decided that taxing the rich is the only way out of this problem. Problem solved. Great work. 

Next week, PresBO will have a pick-up game with Michael Jordan while they solve the problem of illegal immigration. 

If PresBO takes up soccer, I think his game with David Beckham will probably fix the deficit. 

Thank goodness this President is so able to multi-task  Remember when George Bush had to give up golf because the press didn’t like him playing while troops were dying in war.  No problem with Obama playing golf while caskets come home. 


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Jobs and Obama

Posted by madjillmom on June 24, 2012

Obama has pivoted to jobs more than any other President.  He has told us he won’t rest until everyone who wants a job has one.  The problem is that Obama doesn’t know what creates jobs.  So he wants us to give him more time.

If Obama can play a hundred more rounds of golf, I am sure you will get a job.

If Obama gives work permits to a million illegals, I am sure you will get a job.

If Obama and Michele get to have a few more concerts in the White House, I am sure you will get a job.

If Obama, Michele, the girls and Bo can fly in separate planes to their vacations in Hawaii and Martha’s Vineyard, I am sure you will get a job.

If Obama can meet with a bunch more Hollywood Stars, I am sure some jobs will appear soon.

If Obama can have the EPA issue some more regulations, I am sure jobs will be growing on trees soon, though the EPA won’t let you pick them.

If Obama can vilify some more rich people, I am sure an employer will come to you with a job offer.

If Michele can go to the Summer Olympics in London, I am certain that job numbers will go up.

If Obama can keep the MSM on his side, I am sure your school loans will pay off in a good job.

If Obama goes on Letterman, the top ten list will all be job offers for you.

The only job Obama is worried about is the one he has right now.  Wake up and vote for Romney, then there will be someone in the White House who understands how jobs are created.



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Good News for Obama

Posted by madjillmom on April 29, 2012

1.  UK slips back into recession.  Don’t let anyone pay attention to these worldly concerns.

2.  Spain and Greece still suck and the EU won’t be able to bail them out.  Maybe this can keep under the radar until November.

3.  Houses in 16 of 20 markets continue to fall in price and your last plan to fix it, another task force, hasn’t even had a meeting yet.  No biggy, you got some mileage out of the announcement.

4.  Little inflation unless you buy gas or food.

5.  Unemployment trend is going in wrong direction again.  But this can be fixed by a few million people dropping out of the work force.  After all this is the best way to get the unemployment rate to go down, don’t you know.

6. Economy grew at 2.2 rate 1st quarter rather than the “expert” expectation of 2.6.  Of course, this is much lower than the 3% rate of growth 4th quarter rate in 2011. Kinda a favorite of your’s, slow jamming the economy.

7.  Your EPA guy spoke the truth about your policy about fossil fuel energy but only conservative bloggers and Fox watchers really care.

8.  The New York Times has decided they were a little too enamored of you the last time and that they need to do a better job vetting both you and your policies this time.  No need to panic, it’s a ruse and you know they are incapable of actually being critical of you for any real issue.

9.  VP Biden knows that once you go black, you can’t go back.  This regards the big stick you carry.

10.  The voting age youth get most of their news from Comedy Shows.  You are in the clear.

11.  Air Force One is a great way to campaign.  You should know, you have done twice the fundraisers as GWB at the same time in his term.  You love campaigning.  It is so much easier than actually governing.  Second only to golf.

12.  Cool beats Competent, doesn’t it?




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