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Paying Off Senator Lautenburg’s Widow

Posted by madjillmom on October 16, 2013

So, the Senate is taking up the issue of paying a death gratuity to Sen. Frank Lautenburg’s widow tonight. They are making it a priority to give this widow worth $50 million almost $200,000 for her grief. Last week, we needed Fisher House to make funds available for the families of fallen warriors to meet their bodies and bury their heros. This evening, we have time in this shutdown/debt ceiling crisis to give some shopping money to a millionaire widow. What kind of priorities does the Senate have?


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Obama Says “After I Get My Way, We Can Talk”

Posted by madjillmom on October 8, 2013

Pres. Stompyfoot tells us again the he wants his way. Republicans must give up any leverage they have, reopen the government, increase the debt limit, and then, they can discuss some stuff with the President. While calling Republicans names, he tells us that he will only negotiate after he gets exactly what he wants. He says the Republicans cannot get what they want because Obama won and Romney lost. The President doubles down. He will not negotiate. The Tea Party be damned. He will not back down.

The Republicans have continued to compromise. They wanted defunding and didn’t get it. They wanted delay and didn’t get it. They wanted repeal of the medical device tax, and they didn’t get it. They wanted equal treatment and no special subsidies for congressional staffers, and they didn’t get it.

The President made a whole bunch of analogies about buying houses, burning houses, XBoxs and cars demanded when you pay your mortgage, and something else about buying a house from someone who doesn’t own the house. It was kinda unintelligible. He also said something about missing the party that is thrown for him in the Asia summit he is missing. You know it is all about him.

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Obama Bending Over Backward

Posted by madjillmom on October 5, 2013

Eairlier, some weak in the knee “journalist” was interviewing Obama. Obama told this supporter journalist that he has “bent over backward” to work with Republicans. Laughter was the proper response, but the supporter journalist asked no followup question, like when had Obama ever done that. Here are some examples of Obama bending over backward.

Obama is bending over backward to make sure some WW2 vets can’t see the open air memorial on the mall in DC. He has told park rangers all over the country to make it hard on people, so he is paying for people to put up Barrycades rather than paying for a few people to empty the trash cans. He has paid workers to wire the Barrycades to make sure this area isn’t viewed by the greatest generation. He has told parks that are not run by the federal government to shut down. He has closed roads that run through other parks to maximize inconvenience for all in the area.

Obama is bending over backwards to make sequestration hurt people. He chose to shut down White House tours. He sent air traffic controllers home rather than do things in a common sense way. Once again, he wanted it to hurt rather than make reasonable adjustments to make sure the minimal cuts were carried out in a thoughtful way.

After being elected, Obama bent over backwards to make sure that Republicans knew that he was King. He lectured and told them that “he won”. While bending over backward, he wanted the Republicans to “kiss his ass”. During the first two years, he let them know that their input wasn’t welcome. Thus, Obamacare was born. No bipartisanship. Rammed down our throats.

Obama has bent over backwards to appear to be King. He has flouted the checks and balances that exist in our governmental system. The Defense of Marriage Act was law (just like Obamacare), but he decided not to enforce it. He has gone around immigration law with his Dream Act by fiat. He has even flouted his own signature law, Obamacare, by delaying the parts that would have hurt him politically.

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Obama’s Economy and the Bankers

Posted by madjillmom on October 2, 2013


Today, Obama called in a whole bunch of bigwig bankers for a meeting (photo-op). Many are under threat of fines and prosecution by Obama’s Justice Dept. so they came a runnin’. After Obama asked them to back his position on the Government shutdown, they came out and spoke with the press. The take away on this is when the banker said that the “recovery is shallow and vulnerable” and could not withstand an assault like the shutdown. Why is this ongoing weakest recovery unable to withstand any assault? Because Obama has done everything to make this recovery the weakest ever and he doesn’t understand that he creates headwinds the economy must fight, like Dodd-Frank, Obamacare, the Humongous Stimulus filled with green boondoggles that didn’t do anything good. Throw in raised taxes and further uncertainty and the economy (fed by crack from the Federal Reserve) keeps dragging on the bottom. Way to go, Pres. Obama. Good job. Weakest “Recovery” Evah!

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Democrats Shut Down Government

Posted by madjillmom on October 1, 2013

The Dems in the Senate shut down Government. They did not negotiate with the Republicans. Obama and Reid say this “Do it our way and then we will talk.” The House sent over several options to keep the bloated government funded and the Dems turned it down every time. All sorts of compromise on the Republican side, none on the side of Dems. This “my way or the highway” mentality of the Dems is standard in the age of Obama. Obama doesn’t know what compromise is. The only way he can govern is by fiat and partisan bills like the Stimulus and Obamacare.

The Republicans will give in. Obama and the Dems will not talk to them or listen to them or compromise with them now or ever. The MSM has their backs. A shutdown hurts the Republicans, so the Dems did it.

Obama “red lines” only work on Republicans, not Putin, not Assad, not Iran, just the Republicans.

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Obamacare and Planned Parenthood

Posted by madjillmom on April 8, 2011

Harry Reid is on the Senate floor trying to whip up support for Planned Parenthood.  Evidently he is greatly concerned that his granddaughters have access to planned parenthood.  Evidently, Harry doesn’t have enough money to loan to his granddaughters to get a pap smear.  How sad.  Is Planned Parenthood so important that it can stop an agreement to not shut down the government?

Doesn’t Obamacare cover most of those without insurance?  If Obamacare is the law of the land, then why do we need to use taxpayer money to fund parts of Planned Parenthood?  Won’t Planned Parenthood get their money from Obamacare insurance coverage?

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Thoughts on the Budget

Posted by madjillmom on April 8, 2011

Compromise is what has gotten us where we are now, barreling down the road to bankruptcy.  In a better economy without so much debt, this might be the order of the day.  I do not think we can afford it now.

One of the best arguments against the Dems is that discretionary spending has grown 83% in the last three years.  Dems won’t even consider going back to where the numbers were 3 years ago – pre-Stimulus and pre-TARP.

Can Obama afford any kind of shutdown.  With gas prices and housing prices doing a number on the economy, doesn’t he risk a double dip recession?

Last night, someone on Fox explained that Obama’s proposed 2012 budget would add an additional 9 billion in spending.  The Ryan proposal would cut 6 billion in spending.  That is a 15 billion dollar gap.  Wow.

Did the new number showing the Republican Prosser winning the Supreme Court seat in Wisconsin scare the Dems in this budget fight?

If you can’t cut 2% of discretionary funds (representing way less then 2 cents on the dollar) out of the next 6 months, how will you be able to make necessary cuts to the 2012 budget?

Pres. Clinton made a deal to make sure the military got paid during the last government shutdown.  He who loathed the military took care of them in peacetime.  Why isn’t Obama doing the same thing during a time of 2+ wars?  Is it because he wants to scare everyone with this issue?  The House has given him another Continuing Resolution that would fund the military for the rest of the fiscal year, but the Senate won’t approve it.  I have two kids who receive pay/stipends from the military, so I guess this is one of my oxen that may need to be gored.  They can both survive a shutdown, but many others in the military cannot survive without regular paychecks.

While this military pay situation is going on, Pres. Obama has sent Sec. Gates to Saudi Arabia to mend diplomatic fences.  Isn’t this Hillary’s job?

So many Dems won’t even acknowledge that we are on a path to bankruptcy.

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