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I Burned the Korans

Posted by madjillmom on March 2, 2012

Karzai, PresBO,  UN representatives, and Afghani Imams are all calling to punish the soldiers who accidentally burned the Korans.  Evidently the six soldiers. who have been murdered by Afghan forces to satisfy the blood lust that evidently lives within the Religion of Peace, isn’t enough.

I wish to let all these people know that I was the one who burned the Korans.  I was laying in bed, trying to sleep on an overly hot night in February.  As I fell into a fitful sleep, a bell sounded and I was suddenly speaking with the Angel Gabriel.  He told me to go to Afghanistan and remove the Korans from the office with some other older papers that were scheduled to be destroyed.  Then I was there at the burn pit, and they were burning.  I woke with a start, rolled over and went back to sleep.

We do not owe these bloodthirsty bastards a thing. The reason I wrote this post is because of Andrew Breitbart. He pushed back. A woman tried to get bloggers and regular people to draw Mohamed in protested to violence perpetrated against the controversial Mohamed cartoons. She had to shut down her site and go underground.  She pushed back and got hurt. Plus, I remember when bloggers went green to support those in Iran fighting on the streets while PresBO ignored the movement and a great chance was lost.

I take no joy in mocking another religion.  I have been thinking about taking credit for burning the Korans for several days.  I feel certain other names will surface.  I just want everyone to know it was really me.

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Two More Soldiers Killed Over Koran Burning

Posted by madjillmom on March 1, 2012

Two more soldiers have been killed by American trained and American funded Afghani forces.  So much for the calming effect of PresBO’s apology for burning the Koran.  (Does he only apologize to Muslims?)

This barbarian culture deserves it tribulations.  Training these fools who can’t read, write, or think for themselves is a fool’s notion. I do not want my sons to be standing beside people who will shoot them in the back while they are trying to help them ascend from Hell.

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Obama’s Apology to Karzai Saved Soldiers?

Posted by madjillmom on March 1, 2012

PresBO tells us that his apology for the Koran burning “calmed things down” in Afghanistan.  When I heard this, all I could think about was “jobs saved” due to stimulus funds.  Jobs created could actually be measured.  Jobs saved is just a bunch of hooey.  I guess now Obama stands for jobs saved, soldiers not killed, and it could have been so much worse.   Not to mention oceans lowered, Peace Prize collected, and reclaimed respect of us by other nations around the world.  He is the arrogant hooey President, so smart that the rest of us mortal souls can’t fathom his true greatness.

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Obama and Karzai

Posted by madjillmom on February 27, 2012

In PresBO’s groveling apology to Hamid “Goats are Pretty” Karzai, he signaled that he was willing to punish those responsible for this offense of burning the Koran. Obama told Karzai  “I assure you that we will take the appropriate steps to avoid any recurrence, to include holding accountable those responsible.”

Now, Karzai is asking that the servicemen responsible for this act be tried in  Afghanistan and punished.  I guess that would mean cutting off their heads.  So Obama offers to hold them responsible and Karzai wants heads on a platter.

Bowing and apologizing may be second nature to some one like PresBO, but it doesn’t come easy to the servicemen and women who have sacrificed to be in Afghanistan.  We are slow learners and optimists, which explains why we have been there for 10 years.  Now we need to get out and let the country go back to hell.  Same with Karzai.

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Another Apology to Karzai

Posted by madjillmom on February 25, 2012

From Gateway Pundit to Hot Air

This video is wonderful.  I wish I had said the same thing.  It is pretty powerful coming from this beautiful, smart young woman.

Hopefully, if all goes well this will be the first video I have ever put on this blog. It is the first time I have really wanted to put a video on here.  Please listen to what she has to say.

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Hamid Karzai Apology

Posted by madjillmom on February 24, 2012

Dear Hamid:

I doubt you think you should apologize for the death of two American’s this week.  You know, the ones that were killed by a member of the Afghan Defense force as a result of the burning of the Koran?  Aren’t Afghan forces under your ultimate control?

I know you were happy to have Pres. Obama grovel and condemn the burning, a probable inadvertent act done to already desecrated Korans by Muslim prisoners.

When stuff like this happens, when your people go crazy and you quietly do almost nothing to stop it, I want to pull out of Afghanistan and never let another American lose his or her life because of your backward country and religion.

Remember, when we leave, 98 percent of your economy leaves with us.  I know, you’ve got a Swiss bank account with lots of money in it.  My only hope now is that you don’t make it on the first plane out after we leave.  When your countrymen and the extremist elements in your armed forces turn on you, string you up, stone you or cut off you head with that very attractive hat on it, I will give a little cheer.  You weren’t worth one American life.  Go back to the stone age, Afghanistan.

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Koran Burning and Crazed Muslims

Posted by madjillmom on February 23, 2012

Once or twice a year, an incident happens regarding the Koran.  Someone threatens to burn it, someone defiles it in some way, and the Muslim world goes ape.  This time, 2 US troops have been killed because of it.  There is extensive rioting on the streets in Afghanistan.  Phone calls and apologies go forth to ass unborn lambskin hat Karzai who does nothing.  Is there no self-control for all these crazy Muslims?  Will a CAIR spokesman come and tell us how sorry he is that something like this results in so many deaths.  More Muslim deaths and more American deaths.  I wouldn’t touch a Koran because I might get my head chopped off if I sneezed on it.

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Ungrateful Karzai

Posted by madjillmom on April 5, 2011

Last week, President Karzai gave a speech decrying the Koran burning by Rev. Terry in the US.  This was the match that ignited the mob in Afghanistan.  The Koran burning story hadn’t gotten too much press, so Karzai had to make a speech about it.  Then, because Muslim men have no self-control, the riots took place and UN humanitarian workers were murdered.

Somewhere along the way, Karzai told the United States Congress that he wants an apology from the Congress and the President.  Ungrateful little over-dressed bastard.  He evidently has no self-control nor class.  For some reason, our freedoms are a problem for him.  Evidently, we should have controlled the crazy Rev. and stopped the burning of the Koran.  Karzai wants us to control a nutty pastor in Florida.  Karzai has a lot of chutzpah demanding such apologies when he can’t even control his drug lord brother.  Sometimes, I have to question the blood and treasure spent in this war in Afghanistan.   Maybe we should pull out and let the barbarians kill each other.

Now, Harry Reid and Lindsey Graham want to take away some of my rights to soothe the savage beast the is Islam up in arms over the burning of a Koran.  It makes me mad.  I can’t draw Mohammed, can’t burn a Koran because someone in the Islamic world will cut off someone’s head.

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