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Harvard Student Decries Freedom of Thought

Posted by madjillmom on February 26, 2014

Evidently being educated at Harvard makes it very hard to hear anything other than liberal views. Read this article about a Harvard Senior telling us all that she and her liberal ilk should shut down academic research in the name of “justice” according to her liberal views. Now that is real critical thinking. Freedom is a scary thing if you have to hear opposing views, especially in the rarefied air of Harvard University.

This woman has a great future in Obama’s IRS! She will be very comfortable using the power of the Government to quash opponents. Sen. Shumer and Pres. Obama should give her a call.


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Summers Says Governments Should Borrow More Money

Posted by madjillmom on June 9, 2012

Democratic Economist, Former Treasury Secretary, Obama’s Economic Council Head, and Harvard President has come out to tell us that governments should borrow more money to keep the worldwide recession at bay. Ok.

I am pretty certain that Lawrence Summers has a pretty healthy retirement account.  Same with Warren Buffett. Perhaps they should put their money where there mouth is and lend money to bankrupt countries.  Banks and private individuals should not make it a habit to lend to countries that can’t pay back those loans.  Remember the sub-prime housing debacle?   So go ahead, Larry.  Buy Greek Bonds, Spanish Bonds, Chicago Bonds, Detroit Bonds, San Francisco Bonds, NYC Bonds.  Then stand by and watch your “investment” preserve the status quo.  Put your money where your mouth is.  Governments borrowing money limps the economy along to eventual failure.

Quit Whining and Starve the Beast!

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Cool vs. Competent – Obama vs. Romney

Posted by madjillmom on May 23, 2012

Joe Biden and PresBO are now into telling us that Mitt Romney’s experience is generally equivalent to a reasonably intelligent plumber.   The attack on Bain Capital isn’t working and too many Dems are squeamish about talking down business that is perfectly legit.  (Remember when Bill Clinton was a new business friendly Democrat.)  Now Biden/Obama are telling us that 25 years in the private sector being successful is not really applicable to the office of President.  I guess the same will be said of Romney’s Olympic experience and his experience being a Gov. of a very lefty state.

I remember when we were told that the reason Obama was qualified to run the country was because he ran such a great Presidential Campaign.  When we said being a Senator for only 143 days wasn’t a great qualification, we were laughed off.  When we asked for records of his clients when he practiced law (but never tried a case), they were lost and not available.  Was he a good lawyer?  Guess we will never know.  When we questioned whether he worked with ACORN during his Community Organizer days, it was denied.  When we asked what was accomplished during those days, there was no accomplishment to speak of.  Was he a good organizer?  We couldn’t find out.  When he as cranking out biographies with or without Bill Ayers, we were told he was thinking about being a author at 35.  Is that a qualification for a President?  Maybe something for after being President, but not a pre-req.  Most of what might have qualified Barack as qualified is not known.  Great grades, don’t know.  High SAT score, don’t know.  Papers written for the Harvard Law Review, didn’t do any even though most before him wrote for the Law Review.  Copies of Thesis and Dissertations?  Not available and blocked by the President.  His bills and accomplishments as a state senator.  Blocked by Barack Obama.

Romney has private sector experience and public sector experience.  He has a degree from Harvard, just like Obama.  He is white and rich.  I guess this is a disqualification in the world of Obamal/Biden.  Of, and remember, if you work hard as a plumber, you aren’t qualified to run the country.

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