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Obamacare Sign Up Problems – Part 13??

Posted by madjillmom on October 23, 2013

This morning I went on to check on my account. I was able to get an account last Saturday, 4 days ago. It is still “in progress” and so I cannot see what is available beyond it. There is also some kind of message it says is there concerning marketplace eligibility, but I cannot see it or read it. So I am stuck. Went to chat to see what was going on. Talked with someone called Raven. Is that name made up?

She said that sometimes the pop-up blocker causes issues. Not cookies, but the pop-up blocker. I went and took off the blocker. Why would a computer program want you to disable a security feature. According to eHow, a pop-up blocker is a security measure.

Pop up blockers can help prevent your computer from receiving unwanted spyware or ads that could possibly harm your system. By allowing it to block ads, you can control the type of windows that are allowed to be viewed on your computer. It can help you from clicking on links that could possibly spread a virus, adware or spyware on your computer.

I will try to go back on tomorrow if my computer hasn’t gotten infected with a virus because I took down the pop-up blocker.

When I asked Raven how long it takes to go from “in process” to done, she couldn’t help me and told me to try back every few days to check on it. Great answer. Keep trying. OK.


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Obamacare Website Needed 2 More Years

Posted by madjillmom on October 23, 2013

Kathleen Sebelius told us yesterday that if they had two more years to work on the website, it may have been better. So she wanted five and a half years to make it good. It only took 6 years to build the first continental railroad in the 1860’s.

If you had a great idea, say a new type of revolutionary cell phone to sell, and you took 5 years to build the website to sell it, it would be obsolete before you sold the first one.

Sebelius is a big government solves everything liberal who couldn’t manage a lemonade stand. She better come to the table with updated costs next week. If she weasels on the cost, she should have to pay the difference out of her pocket. Already this is a monstrously expensive roll-out with Steny Hoyer (D) calling for more funds to be dumped into it.

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Obama’s Accountability

Posted by madjillmom on October 22, 2013 is a debacle. An expensive one. Has anyone been held accountable? No.

Benghazi was a terrorist attack and 4 Americans were killed. Has anyone been held accountable? No.

The IRS Tea Party Scandal grows ever closer to the White House. Has anyone been held accountable? No.

Fast and Furious and it’s new cousin, the grenade walker, resulted in many deaths. Anyone held accountable? No.

In all these cases, someone should be held accountable. Obama spent 4 years blaming Bush and Fox News for everything that went wrong. Now, he and his cronies just can’t seem to find anyone to blame on all these major scandals.

In contrast, Seal Team 6 took out Osama Bin Laden. Quickly, Obama is pulled off the golf course, then plays cards with Reggie Love for a couple of hours. Soon, he was taking credit for it from then on. To this day, you would have thought that Obama pulled the trigger.

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Obamacare Update – Part 12 ???

Posted by madjillmom on October 19, 2013

I have finally been successful in creating an account, I think. I am now waiting, I think, for something that is in process. Not certain what. Last problem was seeing the “marketplace eligibility” notice that says it is finished but won’t pop up.

Meanwhile, more mail comes from my husband’s employer with OMB notices attached. The old insurance offered by the company is changing to another insurer. So we do not know what the replacement will cost at this time. The two mailing from his employer are pretty hard to understand. It seemed that they were saying that they provide insurance coverage that meets the Obamacare minimums. Then it says they are changing companies and the old insurance is being dropped.

Our insurance currently is provided from my husband’s last employer. Because of my husband’s lengthy employment before being laid off almost 2 years ago (by one of Obama’s Job Council members), we have access to the retiree insurance paid out of our pocket. It is a high deductible policy with an HSA attached to it. It works for us, though we don’t know how much more it will cost due to Obamacare minimums. So I must check the exchanges to see if there is anything there.

Two concerns:

Social Security Numbers are optional throughout the process. Is this because they want illegal aliens to sign up? Didn’t they tell us that illegal aliens would not be eligible? I believe every citizen has a Social Security number.

Immediately after you don’t put in your SS number, a screen comes us asking for your racial/ethnic information. They say it is to make healthcare better. How does know your race help in your healthcare. All pre-existing conditions are covered and if you have a disease that is ethnic or racial in origin, it is covered not matter what, so why do they need to know your race/ethnicity. Your doctor may need to know your race/ethnicity if there is a health matter related to it, but the insurance company and the government don’t need that info to sell you insurance.


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ObamaCare Update – Part 11

Posted by madjillmom on October 18, 2013

Tried again to open an account on Obamacare website. No luck. They keep telling me they can’t open my account at this time and further telling me that my security answer have to be totally different. Believe me, they are different.

Reports are saying that Obama is trying to make insurance companies  keep quiet about the huge mess, mess, mess of data that is coming in from the website. This administration promised to be the most transparent ever is being heavy-handed and trying to shut up critics. Or they are trying to keep information from the press.

The denial of problems with Obamacare is becoming quite hilarious. The numbers suck and they can’t or won’t admit it. No one will be held accountable as usual.

Now Sec. Kathleen Sebelius won’t come to Congress and talk about it. She has time to go on late night TV, but not time to go to Congress and explain the situation. The sign-up numbers, the cost overrides, and the accountability must make Obamacare look like the boondoggle it is.

Remember, Republicans tried to stop it, delay it, and repeal it. Dems shoved this law down our throats with promises of a utopian world were everyone gets what they want. Remember who did this.


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Problems with Obamacare Site – Installment 10

Posted by madjillmom on October 10, 2013

Ten days in and I still can’t get past the security questions to set up an account to see what is available in the health exchanges. At least now, it just says it couldn’t create the account at this time and to try later. At least it didn’t tell me that I had to have different answers to all the security questions. Great progress, Pres. Obama. Of course, I still don’t know what options are available for me as I await the mail that tells us our health insurance is going up on account of Obamacare.

How wonderful will it be when the Dems get their wish and we have to go on a government website just like this to get an appointment with a doctor (not the ones you go to now) but whoever is available. It will be a lot like going to the VA. What fun that will be!!!

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Obamacare Lies

Posted by madjillmom on October 9, 2013

There have been claims made throughout the entire process of passing Obamacare. Most of those claims are lies. Foolish utterances that never were possible, thrown out to appease the press and the stupid. Remember the one about if you like your plan, you can keep your plan? How about the one about your premiums going down $2500 per year. Possibly the only truth uttered by Dems during the fight was this being the first step toward socialized medicine. How about the lies about there are no taxes in Obamacare that would hit the middle class (those making under $250,000) until they had to go before the Supreme Court and call it a tax.

So now, we have the ongoing saga of lies from Obama and his administration. A few days ago, Kathleen Sebelius told two lies. One was that she didn’t know how many people have actually signed up for Obamacare. She has to know that. Does she think we are stupid? Yes, she does. Then she told us there is no evidence that Obamacare is making employers shift to part-time workers. Once again, she does know that this is a consequence of Obamacare, she just can’t admit it. Everyone knows, but the Obama administration would rather put their collective heads into the sand rather than examine the cause. Jay Carney tells us he doesn’t know how many have signed up. The same with Jack Lew, Treasury Secretary. All lying to our faces. The administration continues to tell us that the problems with are only due to popularity rather than the obvious inept design. They like to tell us that Apple has problems, too. Obamacare is not Apple. No one will get fired because of the disasterous design. At Apple, someone would be packing up their desk and leaving the building under the escort of the guards. The MSM press can’t ignore this too much longer, though they did a good job yesterday during the President’s press conference. When will they be held accountable for lying to us? Never, it worked in Benghazi. When will Obama be forced to tell us his signature achievement passed only by Dems is a big disaster?

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Still Trying to Check Out Obamacare

Posted by madjillmom on October 7, 2013

Last week, I tried about 10 or more times to get in and establish an account to see what might be available on the much touted Obamacare Exchanges. Obama shut down his websites, designed by a Canadian firm (???) over the weekend. But I tried again this morning and was once again unable to go past the initial setup of an account. I thought they were going to fix it. Wishful thinking. I want to know what is available because Obamacare is probably going to raise the rates on our current insurance. I am hearing report of our type of insurance going up 30 to 60 percent due to the regulations of Obamacare. Because of this probable increase, I need to see what is available.

I have read several posts about the problems with the website and the sticker shock of people who are actually able to get in and try to shop for health insurance. IT experts are telling us that the whole design of website is not what it should be and is designed to cause crashes or denial of service attack like incidents.

I was alarmed to see that if I do get into the real site to tell them about myself, there will be a credit check and other questions I might not want the government to know about me. Please take a few minutes and read this post about getting into the sites. It is an eye-opener.

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Obamacare Signup – The Ongoing Saga

Posted by madjillmom on October 3, 2013

Tried again about three times today to set up an account in Obamacare. Got to the security questions that do now have the questions. Put in my answers and clicked to submit. Then it tells me it cannot open an account at this time and try later. It also tells me I can’t use that same answer for more than one of the questions. I used three separate answers that don’t even resemble each other. At least it isn’t telling me that Mexican is not a cuisine like it did two days ago.

If people were able to set up and buy this insurance for a lot less than they are now paying, wouldn’t the MSM be doing non stop stories about how great it is.  Turns out Obama’s people props on Tuesday haven’t been able to sign up either. I guess that is some justice.



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What are the Real Numbers Enrolling in Obamacare?

Posted by madjillmom on October 3, 2013

Remember when Obama became President and a new definition of jobs came out – Saved and Created. They did this because the standard numbers weren’t and aren’t good enough so they made up an unverifiable number called Jobs Saved. It was kinda funny.

So now the Obama Administration is doing about the same thing. It has a new number it likes. Website hits on They are now telling us how many hits there have been on the site or state sites across the US. They tell us they are so happy to have the glitches caused by such high site traffic because it mean Obamacare is popular. Yet strangely, they can’t tell us how many have created accounts or how many have enrolled. They better hope the government stays shutdown because at some point they will have to give us the real numbers.

I have tried at least 7 times to set up an account. Have not be able to do so. I want to see what the policies will cost in our area. The only way to get the numbers is to set up an account. But that doesn’t mean I will purchase or enroll in an insurance plan offered.

Did Obama count me as seven people or just the one to further inflate the numbers on this

The California Obamacare website overstated their hits by 900%.  So let us all take their pride in Obamacare’s popularity with a lot of skepticism.  Kinda like those Jobs Saved.

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