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Obama Wants Another Program for the Stupid

Posted by madjillmom on February 1, 2012

Another day, another program.  This one is to help those whose homes are worth less than their mortgages.  It is about the 12th program to try to boost the economy by short circuiting the natural market.  During this speech he seemed to say that “responsible” people could get lower interest rates.  It won’t cost anything because he will charge the banks a tax to do this.  It is just so simple.  Why didn’t others think of this before just now?

Of course, the banks will make less money, so they will lay off more people or charge more for their services.  No biggie.  After all, money does grown on trees.

Also, PresBO and Michele barely understood their condo mortgage paperwork, and they are the smartest people on earth, so he has set up a new bureaucracy headed by an illegal recess appointed fellow to try to stem the tide of the stupid.  There was much rejoicing when this Consumer agency was brought up.  Obama said the agency is fully staffed with brand spanking new government employees that will be able to keep us from being just plain stupid.

Strangely, he talked a lot about responsibility during this “we need another government program”.

People have been buying and selling real estate for years and years. Some win and some lose.  Remember, before you buy your next house, give the government a call, because you are stupid but PresBO has a new program that will help you with that.

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