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Obama Is Incapable of Compromise

Posted by madjillmom on November 14, 2012

Second verse, same as the first. Because he considers himself always right, the President is incapable of actual compromise. He is doubling down on tax increases and will not get real on cuts in entitlement programs. The press stands by, unwilling to push him for specifics. Obama has been a one trick pony on raising taxes on the rich acting like this is the answer to all our ills. Go ahead, kill the golden goose.  Watch the market react to this lack of basic economic understanding of Obama on what makes jobs.

Another signal he is going on in just the same way, he met with Unions and all the leftists yesterday and has not met with business yet. I guess he thinks unions are responsible for creating jobs.

Remember when he told Letterman that we just need to tax the rich and make a few other minor adjustments to fix the economy. Remember when Michele told us we are in a huge recovery. Not in my world.


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In the Middle of a Huge Recovery

Posted by madjillmom on October 16, 2012

Michele Obama comes to us in the last few days with info we need to know.  She is telling us that “we are in the middle of a HUGE RECOVERY”.  Wow.  After 3 “recovery summers” she is now able to say they were wrong before, but it is here now and you should vote for her husband because he is the reason why.  Less than 2% growth, high unemployment, failing solar companies that got government/taxpayer money from coast to coast, yes, thank Obama for a huge recovery.  There may be a recovery in Michele’s eyes, but not in ours.

Michele also wants us to find some knuckleheads and tell them to vote for PresBO.  She already voted for him. Guess someone got to her!

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