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Obama is Clueless

Posted by madjillmom on November 18, 2014

Is he in denial?

Does he have any idea how the country will view unrest after the Michael Brown Grand Jury decision is reported?

Does he have any idea how much of the country felt when illegal immigrants poured over our borders earlier this year?

Does he have any idea how many people know someone like Jonathan Gruber and can’t stand that person? We all know someone who is “so smart” and let’s us all know it. Gruber has put a face on the process of Obamacare and it isn’t a pretty face.

Does Obama think we are stupid? On Ebola, on Putin, on Ukraine, or the IRS?

Obama is seen saying one thing a year ago and another thing today. Does he understand how that makes him look.

Now Obama is said to be the smartest man in the room by his advisers. Someone needs to let him know how all these things appear to people in flyover country.


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Wave of Illegals Coming to a School Near You

Posted by madjillmom on August 11, 2014

We recently moved from the country to the big city. In fact, it is one of the cities that is currently housing large amounts of the influx of so-called child refugees. We moved in mid-July. There are several nice looking schools around us. Every school has a sign out that tells us “No Shots – No School”. Every school in the district is evidently quite concerned about lots of new kids showing up without shots and expecting to be enrolled. The wave is coming.

All the people who think we should take in all these kids should also readily acknowledge that all our property taxes will go up. Geraldo should sell his boat and open up a refugee center. Former Sec. of Labor (under Clinton) Robert Reiche should decide just how much money we should borrow from our grandchildren to fund his utopia. Then he should open up his spare bedrooms and ┬ásponsor a couple of these “refugees” he says we created.


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Screwed by Obamacare

Posted by madjillmom on November 14, 2013

We have been notified that our current insurance will go up by about $120 per month. This is an increase of $1440 per year. So now, our two person policy will cost over $11,000 per year. So, another Obama promise has reached its expiration date. Remember when he said we will save money on our premiums. A family would save $2500 per year. So we should have saved about $1250 per year. Instead, we are paying $1440 more a year. That means that we will be losing $2690 per year on insurance.

Our insurance will have all the minimums that Obama says I have to have. I will have maternity care for the new undocumented immigrant who lives down the street. I will have unlimited rehab for my cousin Percy the addict. I will have dental and vision for all the 12 and unders who live in the nation. It is a one size fits all version of what healthcare the government thinks you should have. Obama has decided that we need all these things and it should be “free”. But it isn’t free. I will be paying for all this stuff I do not need.

I really resent that we get to pay for all this free stuff for others. Meanwhile, that artistic couple with little income is getting our tax dollars as a subsidy to buy some insurance of their own. They are doing what they love, making little money, but thats ok. My husband and I will help them pay for it.

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Arizona Profiling Law

Posted by madjillmom on April 29, 2010

The new law in Arizona causing so much bloviating has me thinking. On balance, I believe the law to be good. If a policeman stops you, you generally have to provide documentation or a driver’s license to the policeman. If I was robbing the local pharmacy and was apprehended, something tells me that the authorities would endeavor to identify me. I am guessing that if I was stopped for vandalizing a business in Germany, they would want me to provide my passport, even if I told them in broken German that I was Frau Frumpy from Berlin. If I provided false documentation, I would be prosecuted and thrown out of the country for sure. I am not sure what is different about the situation in Arizona.

This isn’t to say that I want illegal immigrants rounded up and deported. I do want criminal illegal aliens prosecuted and deported.

Yesterday, I stopped by the third world. Actually, I stopped by Ross, the closest thing to an international bizarre in this part of the world. I love Ross, for the most part. However, I usually feel like the only American in the store when I am there. As I passed by several people and heard their native languages being spoken, I did become concerned. There will be unintended consequences with this new law. They will happen because the laws that already exist haven’t been enforced for so long.

Will this law make casual instances critical? If an illegal immigrant exceeds the speed limit and sees the flashing lights in his rearview mirror, will he now try to outrun the police? This would create a very big problem. What used to be a ticket may now turn into a high speed chase.

Will more illegal immigrants try to learn English now? This would be a good consequence of the law. If illegal aliens want to blend in, they should learn English.

It scares me to even post something on this subject. I a racist bigot. I apparently hate all Hispanics. Is there a way to talk about this stuff without being perceived as bigoted?

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