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Thank Goodness for Obama

Posted by madjillmom on July 8, 2014

Since giving up golf, Obama has been able to do so many good things. Here is a list of those great things.

Thank goodness Obama, Hillary, and John Kerry were able to fix the Israel/Palestinian problem. I am sure Israel has seen the error of their ways and is happy to accept all the incoming missiles of peace coming from Hamas and the Gaza strip.

Thank goodness Obama was able to help Hamas bring to justice the kidnappers and murderer of three Israeli teens a few weeks back, especially since one was an American. I am sure the whole Palestinian/Hamas population has condemned those responsible and arrested them.

Thank goodness Obama was able to bring down the price of gasoline. And groceries. Oh, yeah, don’t forget the health insurance premiums that have come down $2500 in this wonderful era of Obamacare.

Thank the Lord above that we have Obama to thank for our really secure borders. Because our borders are so secure, we are now able to turn Army bases and Air Force posts into summer camp for third world campers. Or, as Obama likes to call them, the “best and brightest” from other countries. Good for you, Barack.

Thank goodness Obama can things outside the box and be so flexible. He has really put Putting in his place. Now Putin is our friend, the Ukraine is off the front page, and we retain our Superpower status.

Thank Goodness Obama is so good at ending wars. His way really is thinking out of the box. No need to win a war, just announce when you want it to end, and voila, it’s over. And since he is so good at ending wars, we can now turn over large portions of our military bases to campers from other countries.

I know there are so many other things we can thank Obama for. Give me your list of his accomplishments. We can all be really impressed together. Having a President who is so decisive and action oriented is really a blessing.



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Obama and the Price of Beef and Gas

Posted by madjillmom on April 23, 2014

The Obama administration delays, once again, another decision about the Keystone pipeline. He did it because a big donor will spend $100 million in the current cycle to prevent it and Obama wants that money. (Money is only toxic to the process if it comes from conservatives, you understand. Putin will enjoy the increased cost of oil. We won’t, but that isn’t something Obama cares about.

The Bureau of Land Management is forcing grazing cattle off its lands in several states, including my own Texas. The price of beef is high, being part of the invisible basket of groceries that never seem to translate into our government showing inflation at the supermarket. So Obama and his minions decide to send armed agents to pasture land to round-up cattle. How will this turn out? The price of beef will go up even more.  Why should he worry about your bottom line, the ranchers, or the last time you filled up your tank.

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Good News for Obama

Posted by madjillmom on April 29, 2012

1.  UK slips back into recession.  Don’t let anyone pay attention to these worldly concerns.

2.  Spain and Greece still suck and the EU won’t be able to bail them out.  Maybe this can keep under the radar until November.

3.  Houses in 16 of 20 markets continue to fall in price and your last plan to fix it, another task force, hasn’t even had a meeting yet.  No biggy, you got some mileage out of the announcement.

4.  Little inflation unless you buy gas or food.

5.  Unemployment trend is going in wrong direction again.  But this can be fixed by a few million people dropping out of the work force.  After all this is the best way to get the unemployment rate to go down, don’t you know.

6. Economy grew at 2.2 rate 1st quarter rather than the “expert” expectation of 2.6.  Of course, this is much lower than the 3% rate of growth 4th quarter rate in 2011. Kinda a favorite of your’s, slow jamming the economy.

7.  Your EPA guy spoke the truth about your policy about fossil fuel energy but only conservative bloggers and Fox watchers really care.

8.  The New York Times has decided they were a little too enamored of you the last time and that they need to do a better job vetting both you and your policies this time.  No need to panic, it’s a ruse and you know they are incapable of actually being critical of you for any real issue.

9.  VP Biden knows that once you go black, you can’t go back.  This regards the big stick you carry.

10.  The voting age youth get most of their news from Comedy Shows.  You are in the clear.

11.  Air Force One is a great way to campaign.  You should know, you have done twice the fundraisers as GWB at the same time in his term.  You love campaigning.  It is so much easier than actually governing.  Second only to golf.

12.  Cool beats Competent, doesn’t it?




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Obama Acknowledge Massive Inflation

Posted by madjillmom on April 21, 2011

Pres. Obama evidently has different numbers than the government Consumer Price Index.  The CPI shows very little inflation, mostly because food and fuel are not included in the silly calculation.   We all know that inflation is going up and up and evidently so does our President.  He has the answer – more money.

Since declaring his re-election campaign a few weeks ago, Obama has been hard on the campaign trail.  The campaign is already in overdrive to raise 1 billion in donations.  Remember just a few years back, when Obama blanketed the airwaves and funded his amazing campaign on a mere 700 million (a record at the time).  He was able to fight a primary against Hillary and Edwards, turn downed matching funds, and win with buckets of money from unions and foreign sources and the youth of America.  Now, people in the know feel it will take 1 billion to run for president.  And that is with no primary opponent. So my thought is that he is acknowledging a huge amount of inflation seen by us all but not recognized or acknowledged by the government magic formula.

I am also convinced that there are lots of people who would like to challenge Obama in the primary.  But they know there is no way to withstand the money blitz and the charges of racism for running to oust the first real black President.

Our President will be so very busy trying to snatch up every dollar he can, he really won’t have much time to help the country get out of this giant mess we are in.  At least it will be his last campaign.

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Posted by madjillmom on February 17, 2011

Last week, the Wall Street Journal had a table comparing the price of commodities now and one year ago.  The chart showed all up with most doubling.  If the high cost of health care brought us Obamacare, can government grocery stores be far behind. Get ready for your allotment.  Maybe some black market bread dealers.  The First Lady can let us know what to eat for real.

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