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Obama and Iran

Posted by madjillmom on August 24, 2016

Pre Iran Nuclear Agreement:

Obama threw over the Green Revolution in favor of 6 more years of weak negotiations with the hardline Mullahs resulting in a stupid agreement that all believe to be not in our interests. Because of his decision, many people died.

After Iran Nuclear Agreement:

After not disclosing most of the details of the Iran Nuclear agreement and outright lies about the details, Obama badly needed a win, so he arranged to pay ransom for those being held by Iran after spending 6 years not bringing up the issue. Amid many infractions of the agreement by Iran, Obama sends pallets of hard cash in an unmarked plane as ransom or (wink-wink) leverage and the hostages are freed. Upon being called on the exchange, Obama says it had to be done that way due to sanctions and no banking relationship.

Today it is revealed that 2 days later, Obama sends thirteen $999,999 payment thru wire transfer or standard banking system even though sanctions were still in place.All the while, denying the ransom and not telling congress about the 13 odd transfers of money to Iran and the Ayatollahs. All the while, claiming that the pallets of cash payment was saving us lots of money we would have to pay when the international courts sided with Iran. Then of course, the mysterious 1.3 Billion transfers from an account.

Further humiliation from Iran thrown into Obama’s face. Ships harassing our Navy in the Straight of Hormuz. More hostages taken. Russian planes using Iran as staging for Syrian bombing runs.

Way to go, Obama.

Will someone ask Hillary how she advised Obama on the Green Revolution? We know she was in favor of the weak negotiations with the Iranian hardliners (that they lied and called reformers) for the 6 years plus. Oh, wait, she doesn’t have news conferences. Guess we will never know.



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Hillary Clinton Wants to be My Uterus-In-Chief

Posted by madjillmom on April 19, 2015

She is asking to be my Champion. She is running on being the Uterus in Chief.

Yet, she is afraid to talk to people who haven’t been screened by her handlers. She is afraid for us to see her communications regarding Benghazi. She “can’t recall” when she decided to wipe the Server that she and Bill set up to keep us out of their business even though she knew that communication was under subpoena. She wants to take money for the Clinton Foundation for First Class Travel for Bill and Hillary from countries who would mutilate Huma’s lady parts. She wants me to vote only with my lady parts.

Her minions run roughshod over the press, telling them they can’t use certain words in regard to Hillary. Can someone explain to me why this woman is supposed to be “strong” enough to be President, but can’t withstand even regular scrutiny from those big bad congressman who want to see the emails she sent on Benghazi to her closest advisors using “off the books” email accounts. How can she stand up to Iran, Putin, and those mean old nasty woman-hating Republicans who only want to “war on women” if she can’t be called bossy by adoring reporters reporting on her choice of burrito bowls at Chipotle. Heaven forbid some reporter ask her if her convenient prop grand baby could have been aborted one week prior to birth? Or the Iran deal? Or how she squares the use of money from the anti-woman Saudis for first class travel for the Foundation? That reporter would be vaporized immediately? Where are the hard questions for our future Uterus-in-Chief?

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Sanctions and Songs for Iran

Posted by madjillmom on January 22, 2015

Obama has threatened to veto any bill that comes to his desk that imposes more sanctions on Iran. He certainly can stand up to the Republican controlled congress. He is all hardline on them. Iran doesn’t live up to its side of the bargain re: their nuclear bomb building program. Obama lets them miss deadlines. He extends their negotiations for months on end. They keep working on a bomb and Obama won’t hold them accountable.

Here is my suggestion:

Let congress pass harder sanctions. Sign that bill. Then when the Ayatollah has a fit, send Sec. of State John Kerry and a pop star over to Tehran to sing to him. If James Taylor isn’t available, perhaps  Yusuf Islam a.k.a.Cat Stevens could sing Peace Train while holding up the fatwa on Salman Rushdie. John Kerry could kiss the Ayatollah and peace would reign in the world.

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Rap/Hip Hop and the State Department

Posted by madjillmom on January 31, 2014

The State Department is having a rapper over to speak to the ranks of diplomats about Rap and Hip Hop. What a waste of time, money, and effort. What bullshit! Go ahead, waste your time.

Next time you are dealing with despots like Assad and Putin, just consider what you learned in this fascinating interview promoted by the State Department. I am sure it will help keep Iran nuclear free. I am certainly convinced that it will stack the deck against the ever stronger Putin. Further, I am sure that it will make dealings in deepest, darkest Africa so much better for having a greater understanding of the black experience in our inner cities. I bet this is just the “think outside the box” kinda thing that will finally allow Israel and Palestinians to work it all out somehow? How will this help anything? It certainly won’t bring back the 4 killed in Benghazi who didn’t have enough security while the State Department promoted electric cars in Austria at a great expense.

The world will laugh in John Kerry’s recently remodeled face. Mission out of control. Fire the person who thinks this is how to upgrade diplomats. Or maybe if the rapper raised some money for Obama, he can be Ambassador to some great African country like Kenya.

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Syria and Russia Dupe Obama Again

Posted by madjillmom on January 31, 2014

With less than 2 weeks to go, Syria has only given up less than 5% of their chemical weapons in the agreement with Kerry/Obama. They still have 95% to give over for destruction. The State Department admits that Syria/Assad is stalling and yanking their chain, with the backing of Putin/Russia. So Obama is back to square one, weaker than before, having rubbed out his red line when he turned in cowardice and sought a diplomatic option they knew wouldn’t work when Kerry misspoke at a meeting with the Russians. Iran has watched how this is done. Make a diplomatic deal, don’t follow thru, cook up a bomb and deposit it on Israel all while Obama does a song and dance about how he won’t let Iran go nuclear.

Putin – Stronger

Assad – Stronger, still in power, and he lied about how much chemical weapons he actually has

Iran – Stronger and disputing all the claims of Obama about their deal that we can’t read. (Why is the deal secret?)

Obama – Arrogant, Secretive (on Iran deal), and much Weaker. His half-brother wants Israel wiped off the face of the earth (the scarf incident) and I think he would be just fine if the Islamic Republic of Iran (he calls them this all the time) got the bomb.

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Obama and Iran

Posted by madjillmom on November 26, 2013

What a truthful Obama is saying to Iran – If you like your centrifuges, you can keep your centrifuges!

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Obama’s Second Nobel Peace Prize

Posted by madjillmom on November 25, 2013

Gosh, I sure hope Obama can get his second Nobel Peace Prize before Iran nukes Israel!


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Obama and Syrian Gas Attack

Posted by madjillmom on August 29, 2013

Obama is loudly pounding his chest and saber-rattling over the second gas attack attributed to Bashar Assad in Syria. Film and photos make it impossible to ignore like the last time Assad did this a few months back. So for more than a week, the noise will echo in the news and press rooms. Obama now looks weak. He has to do something, but China, Iran, and Russia tell him not to. Obama talks about a coalition and the UN. But he looks too weak. He will have to do something.  Look for more saber-rattling for a while. A few phone calls will be made 24 hrs prior to a strategic strike. Damage will be done to some installation, but there won’t be any or many bodies since the Administration will leak the attack. Obama may even make a prime-time appearance to announce the attack. With a great deal of luck, Assad won’t line up sheet wrapped bodies, Russia’s Putin (the bored student) will hopefully not do anything but play with the Reset Button, China won’t do anything but squawk, and maybe Obama doesn’t look like an idiot. Or maybe Iran and Syria nuke Israel. What a mess. Can’t blame it on Bush. Obama drew the red line, not Bush.

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Syria, Obama and the Simple-Minded Folks

Posted by madjillmom on June 18, 2013

After some press of Col. Khadafi killing some of his people came to our TVs, Obama jumped into what he thought would be a war of a few weeks. Then it took much longer. Case closed (until 9/11 last year and the assassination of the American Ambassador). The argument was we had to fix this because innocents were dying.

Then comes Syria. Lots of innocents dying. Now somewhere around 95,000. But we didn’t do the same thing. Now, Obama tells us he knows so much that we don’t so we can’t really understand it. Why don’t you teach us, O Wise Professor? We get that it is complicated.

Here is how it went down:

Assad “the Reformer” (according to Hillary) starts killing his own people, but we just got out from under that Libya intervention and Obama has a campaign to be re-elected, so lets not do anything. We’ll  just watch. And while Obama is running for re-election, the world re-labels this a “civil war”. Another really good reason to do nothing. Obama, in order to look really bad-ass tells us all that chemical weapons is a game changer. Fiddles around even after re-election and tells us the game changer is not in what he will do, but rather in his “calculus”. I guess nobody told him there would be math. Predictions all throughout of Assad’s last days, or only weeks away from losing. So now, Obama has not been consistent, has re-labeled, has dared Assad to cross a red line and then ignored it when he did, and has waited so long to do so little that it is now a proxy war with Russia and Iran. Yes, it is really complicated now. Not near as complicated when it began, but Obama was running for re-election, so we all had to wait.

Meanwhile, we may have 4500 troops on the Syria border. Yes, it is all really complicated. Obama has dodged and weaved, placated and ignored the situation into a real mess. No good options. But don’t tell us it is just to complicated for our simple-minded selves. The Administration tells us they have a NEW POLICY of providing small arms, and then Obama denies that it is a NEW POLICY.

Shouldn’t the Civil War be re-labeled since Russia, Hezbollah, and Iran are fighting the Rebels (with strong links to Al Qaeda)  that we sorta support and sorta arm. Way to go with that really smart diplomacy and that keen mind, President Nobel Peace Prize.

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Sending Help to Syrian Rebels

Posted by madjillmom on June 14, 2013

Now that Obama has dithered for so long, announcement today that we are sending some equipment into Syria. Obama has finally decided that his red line has been crossed.

Why has Obama waited until 93,000 have been killed? Because of Libya. He waltzed into Libya, sent weapons to Libya, and got an American Ambassador and 3 others killed. Libya took too long and didn’t stay fixed.

So now, he has to do something. Now that Russia, Hezbollah, and Iran are backing up Asad. Great move, Pres. Obama. That is some real bravery.

While I note that is no good options in Syria, Obama has taken a bad thing and bungled it mightily.

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