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Teaching Hate

Posted by madjillmom on December 10, 2015

As we view the carnage and reporting from the “Official San Bernardino Terrorist Attack”, I am really struck by the story of the woman at the heart of the matter. For reasons we can’t understand, this young woman choose to leave her six-month old child behind and wage jihad against innocents. Why would a woman do this? What was so bad about her life that she thought it was even remotely reasonable to give birth, a life-changing experience, and then abandon that child to enroll in a Holy War? Was it in any way a reasonable thing to do? Certainly not by our standards. We can’t even imagine such a call to arms. Why not?

Because we have not been taught to hate like these people have been taught to hate. Simply put, they hate us and Jews more than they love their own children. Their children’s cartoons are filled with outright Jew hatred. Their young children are taught to hate Jews and the Great Satan, America. They playact at killing us with real guns. They are fed a steady diet of lies and half-truths to stoke their hatred.  Even then, I still can’t fathom what Tashfeen Malik did a week ago. They do not think like us.

Islam wasn’t on my radar prior to 9/11. Even then, I sorta believed the “most Muslims are peaceful and moderate”. (See this article, hat tip Instapundit) But as years pass, I no longer believe that even most Muslims are peaceful. What I now believe is that most Muslims harbor a lot of hate, starting with the Jews. Even the only Muslim I know rants about the Jews. Is that OK? Will our little milquetoast Muslim one day expand his hate to Christians while being fed the notion that America, his home of choice, hates him?

I do not remember any case where my parents told me that I was supposed to hate someone, based on their religion, or skin color, or station in life. This is not to say I am without prejudice. I have my own, based on my own knowledge and concerns. I would never strap on a gun and go kill those I have concerns about. If I did, I might just head for a nearby Mosque.

I feel we are in a Holy War. It is Islam against all other religions. Am I wrong?


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Islamists Kill 100+ School Children in Pakistan

Posted by madjillmom on December 16, 2014

Thank goodness these adherents to Islam, the religion of Peace and Tolerance, didn’t torture these innocent school children. They just came into the school in Pakistan and shot them to death. They didn’t waterboard them, deprive them of sleep, play loud and bad music, force feed them, or threaten to feed them bacon through an IV. They are apparently morally superior to us here in the US. We tortured a few grownups. They mowed down young children with guns, and they cut off Christian children’s heads for not converting to Islam.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein stands above us all.

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ISIS Beheads American

Posted by madjillmom on August 19, 2014

While we are all obsessing over the situation/tragedy of Ferguson, Missouri, ISIS/ISIL has just beheaded an American journalist. They are threatening to behead another. They are barbarians. Ignore them at our peril. Both journalists were abducted in Syria.


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Katy Perry and Security at the Embassies

Posted by madjillmom on February 27, 2014

Katy Perry has a video that offends Islam and Mohammed. I hope Sec. of State John Kerry has beefed up the security of consulates/embassies in the Muslim world. And I hope someone has issued an arrest warrant to the video producer/director/costume designer so this won’t result in the death of another Ambassador.

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Burning the Bible

Posted by madjillmom on April 2, 2011

If a Bible is pried from the hands of a Christian who was killed for being a Christian in an Islamic country and then burned or defaced, do the Lutherans in Des Moines gather and behead a few foreigners in a riot?  Gotta love that Religion of Peace.

Will the non-extremist Muslims now condemn these killer riots?  Waiting to hear.

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NASA Homage to Islam

Posted by madjillmom on July 8, 2010

In an announcement today, NASA confirms that the famous workspace of Mission Control has been moved to face Mecca. Stimulus funds were probably used to pay the union workmen to move all the cords and monitors. The theocracy in Iran is feeling so good about itself that they have decided to not publicly stone a woman.

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NASA and the Religion of Peace

Posted by madjillmom on July 4, 2010

Read this post about the Obama NASA Chief and the politicization of Science. There has been enough of this type of thing that I sometimes entertain that notion that Obama is indeed a Muslim in Christian clothing. It is hard not to.

Of course, we all now know that Obama worships golf.

Also, noted at Atlas Shrugs, is a post about Indonesians calling for the killing of Christians. Not the first time this has happened. If I was a conspiracy theorist, I might think this was another link to Obama.

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