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The Content of Their Character

Posted by madjillmom on August 29, 2013

Fifty years ago, on the Washington Mall, Rev. Martin Luther King told the Nation of his dream that people would one day be judged on the content of their character rather than their skin color. So let’s do that.

The Killers of Chris Lane in Duncan, OK – 3 young men thrill kill or racially profile a young man with promise and kill him. Cowards and monsters rolled into one gangsta hip hop culture.

The Killers of Shorty Belton in Spokane, WA – 2 young men kill a WW2 veteran wounded in Okinawa. Lovers of gangsta rap and violence. Incensed because the old veteran tried to fight back.

Another young black man kills a toddler in his stroller. Wanted money from the mother.

Three thugs on a school bus beat a kid and get probation today.

Al Sharpton – promotes victimization and knowingly promoted libel against a man by promoting Tawana Brawley hoax.

Jesse Jackson – smeared Martin Luther King’s blood on his clothes after the horrible murder of MLK. Used this springboard to promote black victimization and extort companies and corporations with harassment and blackmail. Fathered a love child as a Reverend and is a serial adulterer.

Jesse Jackson, Jr. – was handed a congressional seat on a silver platter and then pocketed the platter by spending campaign funds on extravagant purchases along with his wife. Now serving time.

Let’s judge these people on the content of their character. Let’s lift up all those whose character is good and condemn those whose character is bad, all races, all peoples. Let MLK’s dream come true.





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Van Jones – The New Jesse Jackson

Posted by madjillmom on April 30, 2012

If I were Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton, I would be looking over my shoulder to see Van Jones, the new guy on the block.  He is certainly up and coming.  His take-down from the Obama administration by Glenn Beck was an impetus to become the new black race spokesperson.  Jesse and Al must be wondering why the new, well spoken, handsome black guy is going to displace them soon.  Rainbow coalition, old and busted.  Van Jones, new hotness.  Color of Change is boycott central.  At least Van Jones doesn’t speak like a crazy preacher.

He is really radical packaged in an appealing package.  Kinda like PresBO.

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