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Romney is Endearingly Funny

Posted by madjillmom on October 19, 2012

My husband and I watched most of the clip of Romney cutting up at the Al Smith dinner in New York City last night. He was very funny with a little Bob Hope timing thrown in. He skewered the press, Obama, and Biden. Look it up and give it a view if you need a few laughs.

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Romney Shoots and Hits Target

Posted by madjillmom on September 12, 2012

Romney criticized the stupid initial response from the Diplomats in Egypt. He was right. Obama thought so to.  The initial statement should not have apologized to the Islamists.

Now Obama accuses Romney of shooting and then aiming. Here we go with the Romney is a Cowboy intent upon putting us into another war.  Yeah, Cowboy is exactly what I think when I study Romney. The Dems want to tell us Romney isn’t delicate enough to handle the Middle East. Maybe he just doesn’t like to see American pushed around, attacked by intolerant Islamist and Al-Qaeda. Maybe he is mad about that, like a lot of us are.

Speaking of shooting and then aiming. No Drama Obama, foreign policy expert Biden, and the smartest woman alive Hillary pushed Mubarak, the guy holding down the Islamists,  out of office, knowing that the Muslim Brotherhood had a huge leg up on taking over Egypt.  And that is what happened. Now, for a second day in a row, the Muslim Brotherhood is calling for protests outside the US Embassy in Egypt. Maybe Obama/Biden/Hillary should have aimed before they pushed Mubarak out and gave us the new Egypt, where now powerless women wear burkas, where ugly, bearded, stupid men have all the power, and where Christians and diplomats live in fear and are often killed.

Obama’s policies of apologize, appease, and Lead from Behind are not right for this country at this time.



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Guns, Rape, and Sheriff Joe

Posted by madjillmom on October 20, 2011

VP Joe Biden has been very outspoken this past week or so.  He thinks it would do us Republicans good to have a gun waved in our face.  (Would this be in the same way Gabby Giffords had a gun waved in her face?)  Maybe his next request will be that all Conservative women will be raped.  Evidently being threatened with a gun will make us amenable to passing more spending even though we are broke. Pretty soon some far left wingers or Occupy Wall Street types will take notice and feel that it is a good idea to get rid of those of us demonized by Biden, Pelosi, and Obama.  You know, us clean air hating, clean water hating, cop hating, teacher and child hating, women hating, Tea Party types.  Inciting violence is a reasonable thing if you are a liberal.

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Put Joe Biden in a Sling

Posted by madjillmom on April 29, 2009

VP Joe Biden is about to dislocate his arm from patting himself on the back.  He is so proud that he gave birth to the 79 year old newest Democrat.  And he did all this while closely monitoring the stimulus money.  Wow, he is awesome.  I guess he is now busy calling Snowe and Collins, courting them, singlehandedly wiping out the Republican party.  He is not only awesome, he is scary.

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