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Guns Are the Problem…

Posted by madjillmom on December 4, 2012

All the usual suspects are crawling out from behind their gated communities to tell us how guns are the problem in the recent murder/suicide of an NFL football player. Jovan Belcher didn’t do these deeds, the gun did. The gun control/anti 2nd amendment crowd won’t talk about the possibly real causes of this awful crime. They won’t talk about how it isn’t a good idea to have a baby out-of-wedlock and the strain that a couple can go through if there isn’t any real commitment beyond procreation. We aren’t going to discuss if the man was an abuser or not. We won’t discuss if he came from a broken home or was raised by a single mother. We aren’t going to discuss the misogynist black culture or violence that pervades the broken black family these days. We aren’t going to wonder why a man who graduated with a degree in child development and family relations wasn’t able to back away from the act of violence where his gun put 9 bullets in his baby mama. We aren’t going to wonder why these two people were out on the town drinking and doing whatever with other people instead of at home together taking care of a baby they brought into this world. We aren’t going to discuss how our society looks the other way on lots of this stuff and coddles athletes who are serial bad actors on the roll model stage.

No, we are going to blame a gun, not the person who pulled the trigger.

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