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Obama’s Job Council Member Lays Off 5000+

Posted by madjillmom on January 11, 2013

Obama’s hand-picked Jobs Council member, Ken Chenault, announces more lay-offs from American Express. Of course, the council rarely meets, and when they do meet, Obama ignores their recommendations. Kinda like the Bowles-Simpson Debt Reduction report that Obama can’t seem to follow. Do not get me wrong. American Express is not evil, nor is Ken Chenault. They have every right and responsiblity to lay-off workers. Maybe someone in the business media should ask how many contract workers/temporary workers American Express now uses from the ranks of former Amex employees.

Perhaps, Ken Chenault should resign from the Jobs Council. At least this explains why Ken wasn’t chosen by PresBO to be Treasury Secretary. The questions would have to be asked and the answers are real favorable for PresBO.


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Obama’s Jobs Council

Posted by madjillmom on July 18, 2012

Politico actually publishes something that tells us Obama is all about the show, not the results.  Obama like to very publicly announce commissions and councils that are supposed to help things.  A few flashy meetings later, not much happens. This post is about the Jobs and Competitiveness Council.  The article points out the lack of follow-up to institute any of the recommendations.  It also points out how several of the grand “poobahs” on the council outsource jobs.  This is a particular interest to me since my husband was laid of by American Express.  American Express continues to quietly lay off people without much fanfare as this would embarrass the President and Ken Chenault. (By the way, American Express has every right to lay of my husband. It is a great company to work for. I just wish they would announce their layoffs rather than hide them. My husband is not a victim of an evil corporation, he is a victim of a crappy economy.)

PresBO has instituted a wage and hiring freeze that he ignores while growing the executive branch by Czars and councils.  He asks for answers and then ignores them.  It isn’t about results, it’s about the flash of press reports that tell us Obama is pivoting to jobs once again.  The only job he is really concerned about is his.

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Bad Jobs Number

Posted by madjillmom on July 6, 2012

I awoke this morning and turned on the TV. One of the first things I heard was the June bad jobs number.  I was thrilled.  I wanted bad jobs numbers. I want Obama to fail. I want Obama to fail so that my kids might have a future.

My husband was laid off from American Express after 28 years last December.  (Remember, Ken Chenault, American Express CEO, is on Obama’s Jobs and Competitiveness Council. American Express continues to lay off people but doesn’t announce their layoffs because it would be an embarrassment to Pres. Obama.)

My husband will be looking for a  job in earnest soon.  So I am wishing that it will be harder for him  to get another job.  I do not care.  The only way getting a job is a possibility is for this anemic, jobless recovery to be turned around.  Obama doesn’t know how to do that.  He wants us to be on the dole as long as possible. (He has not filed for unemployment or any other benefit, yet.)  We are pretty sure he will never have another job as good as the one he had.  We do not care.  What we want is for our children to have a chance.  Obama doesn’t want our kids to have a chance.  He wants us all to be victims on the dole.  He wants us all to be dependent on a bigger and bigger government.

We are willing to sacrifice to give our kids a better chance.  If you care about your children or your grandchildren, don’t vote for Obama.


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