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Obama and the Price of Beef and Gas

Posted by madjillmom on April 23, 2014

The Obama administration delays, once again, another decision about the Keystone pipeline. He did it because a big donor will spend $100 million in the current cycle to prevent it and Obama wants that money. (Money is only toxic to the process if it comes from conservatives, you understand. Putin will enjoy the increased cost of oil. We won’t, but that isn’t something Obama cares about.

The Bureau of Land Management is forcing grazing cattle off its lands in several states, including my own Texas. The price of beef is high, being part of the invisible basket of groceries that never seem to translate into our government showing inflation at the supermarket. So Obama and his minions decide to send armed agents to pasture land to round-up cattle. How will this turn out? The price of beef will go up even more.  Why should he worry about your bottom line, the ranchers, or the last time you filled up your tank.

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Keystone Pipeline Decision – 8 More Agencies Must Weigh In

Posted by madjillmom on February 4, 2014

Remember after Obama lost the House in 2010, his 2011 State of the Union speech promised to eliminate duplication and excess regulation in our ever-growing government. His talking point was amusing, citing the salmon and the agencies that regulate it in freshwater, another in salt water, another when caught, and another when canned or sold. Guess he wasn’t able to do anything about that.  Another Obama promise flushed down the drain.

We have now heard from the State Department on the Keystone Pipeline. They say it won’t cause very much damage. So now, Obama can’t OK it because 8 more government agencies have to study it and weigh in. The 800 lb. gorilla is the EPA who won’t want it. What other agencies are the other 7?  It took 5 years to get to this point. Ridiculous.

While Obama fiddles and whines about Fox News, this oil will go to China. China gives not one whit about clean air and carbon in the atmosphere. If you love the world and want to protect it, build the pipeline. It is kind of funny how Obama uses his pen without authority to be King but won’t use his actual power on something like this.

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Obama and the Pipeline

Posted by madjillmom on July 31, 2013

I have been out-of-pocket and really busy these last few weeks but I had to post something on Obama’s comments about the Keystone Pipeline. Yesterday, Obama derided the 50 permanent jobs the pipeline would create. As Steven Hayes said last night on Special Report, that is 50 more than Solyndra made. Obama said the pipeline wasn’t a jobs program because it will only result in 50 permanent jobs. A pipeline will employ thousands during the build out, but will eventually only provide employment for 50. Obama wants a “jobs program” from the government, and ignores the issue that the pipeline is not a government program, but rather an actual business that won’t cost the government money. In Obama’s warped view of things, only a government program is the answer to high unemployment. Only government spending and stimulus can create jobs.

Also today, economic growth numbers have come out again in the anemic range. They even lowered the growth numbers of the first quarter again. Without the oil industry growth, these GNP numbers would be even bleaker. Obama seems not to understand the government jobs suck life out of the economy, while companies and corporations create jobs that benefit the economy. His answer is always more spending or investment.

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Obama Loves Pipelines

Posted by madjillmom on March 23, 2012

In an attempt to get in front of the parade while simultaneously straddling the fence, Obama evidently cannot recognize a shovel ready project when it is under his nose.

Obama wants us to believe that he is manning the helm pushing through the obstacles and exhausting all his capital to lay the pipe from Oklahoma to Texas.  He is so committed to fossil fuels that this is his new number ONE.

Oh, wait, the pipeline has already been started and can’t be stopped.  The part that Obama has blocked is the part that he should be working on.  But he can’t do that, because  he doesn’t really want to lose the support of the environmentalists.  He just wants to  appear to be doing something about the price of gas.

Don’t be fooled.

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Arab Spring turn Arab Nuclear Winter

Posted by madjillmom on January 28, 2012

Last spring, Obama was quick to throw Mubarak (the devil we knew) under the bus.  Then cascaded lots of joyous shouts (while raping Western journalists) that the new Egypt was going to be great.  Now, after a lot of ignoring the issue of jihadists winning the elections in Egypt, a constantly campaigning Obama has little time between to try to figure out how to get Transportation Sec. Ray LaHood’s son out of Egypt.  He is being detained for trying to support a path to democracy in Egypt.  After Obama threw Mubarak under the bus, he diverted his attention to Libya, where things still aren’t going too great.

Getting LaHood out of Egypt will be the State Departments purview, but they are really busy pissing off Canada over an oil  pipeline.

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Keystone Pipeline

Posted by madjillmom on January 20, 2012

Pres. Obama served his re-election campaign over the people and interests of America as a whole.  He has turned down the Keystone Pipeline project.  This gives the Republicans a good issue.  Obama turns down real jobs for imaginary green ones.  His administration doles out taxpayer money to failing solar companies in a nanosecond, but can’t approve a privately funded pipeline that has been studied for 3 years.

Of course, Obama wants it both ways.  He is turning it down now to keep the greenies on board his re-election bus.  Then he tells Canada it isn’t in our national interest at this time.  He is telling the unions that he might change his mind after he is re-elected.  Then it won’t matter if the greenies are thrown under the bus.

So Obama has pissed off Canada, given a nod to China, polluted the world much more with Chinese refineries and oil tankers, thrown away real jobs, sold out to the Saudies, and kept the cost of gasoline for us normal people “necessarily high” as he is want to do. Way to go, PresBO.

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