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What are Obama’s Priorities?)

Posted by madjillmom on August 28, 2014

American citizens fighting for ISIS/ISIL (which is a JV team or a cancer,depending on whatever day and time it is in the White House)?

Putin slow-walking an invasion of the Ukraine? Just pretend it isn’t happening, Barack.

Putting holding all of Europe hostage with high natural gas prices? Don’t OK the Keystone Pipeline or arrange to deliver natural gas to Europe, or something like that.

Lots of social media chatter about another Terrorist attack on our homeland? Just ignore it. It’s only talked about on Fox News anyway.

Homegrown Terrorists? Are they on the same watch list as the Boston Bombers?

Illegals crossing over our borders by the thousands? Make them all legal. No problem.

No. none of this. Obama and his administration are very busy doing a “cut and paste” job on a non-treaty to shame China, the 3rd World, and India to voluntarily doing something about their pollution. Of course, this cut and paste non-treaty will do nothing to clean up those areas, but great side benefits will be choking down our economy (by raising the price of all energy here in America) and getting Obama some of Tom Steyer’s money for the mid-term elections. Remember, if we don’t do something about Global Climate Change, the golf courses will dry up or freeze or something. This can’t be allowed to happen.

A third benefit is that he can, once again, go around Congress and our Constitution. Why be bothered by our system of government when being King is so much easier.


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Obama Raises Gas Prices

Posted by madjillmom on October 2, 2012

Gas prices have gone up. They have doubled. Obama’s golf score has plunged.

Mitt Romney is rich, and he wants to control your lady parts. 

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Up to Our Asses in Awful

Posted by madjillmom on September 12, 2012

We are up to our asses in debt and the only thing he wants to cut is the military. We are up to our asses in unemployed and underemployed and he thinks more regulations will help. We are up to our asses in ugly, bearded Islamists ready to be offended by our freedoms and Obama reflex is to apologize. We are up to our asses in high gas prices but he hates fracking and the Keystone pipeline. We are up to our asses in awful everywhere and Obama campaigns for the last year and a half  and plays golf.

Are we better off that we were 4 years ago. No way.

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Obama’s War on Women

Posted by madjillmom on April 10, 2012

Obama seems to hate women.  Instead of allowing a pipeline from Canada to the Texas Gulf Coast that would pipe ethical oil from Alberta, he has instead favored the oil imported from the Middle East. In Canada, the women can vote and drive and go to school.  They can walk around without a male family member.  They do not have to cover their faces in public.  In Saudi Arabia, they cannot drive or vote.  In other countries, they cannot have an education.  They must cover themselves and sometimes are subject to genital mutilation as  young women.  Way to go Hillary and Barack.  You have just told these women who have no real rights that they really aren’t worth helping.  Support the Keystone XL pipeline.  Strangle the patriarchal societies in the Middle East.  Be on the side of Canada and not on the side of the Barbarians who mostly want us dead.

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