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What are Obama’s Priorities?)

Posted by madjillmom on August 28, 2014

American citizens fighting for ISIS/ISIL (which is a JV team or a cancer,depending on whatever day and time it is in the White House)?

Putin slow-walking an invasion of the Ukraine? Just pretend it isn’t happening, Barack.

Putting holding all of Europe hostage with high natural gas prices? Don’t OK the Keystone Pipeline or arrange to deliver natural gas to Europe, or something like that.

Lots of social media chatter about another Terrorist attack on our homeland? Just ignore it. It’s only talked about on Fox News anyway.

Homegrown Terrorists? Are they on the same watch list as the Boston Bombers?

Illegals crossing over our borders by the thousands? Make them all legal. No problem.

No. none of this. Obama and his administration are very busy doing a “cut and paste” job on a non-treaty to shame China, the 3rd World, and India to voluntarily doing something about their pollution. Of course, this cut and paste non-treaty will do nothing to clean up those areas, but great side benefits will be choking down our economy (by raising the price of all energy here in America) and getting Obama some of Tom Steyer’s money for the mid-term elections. Remember, if we don’t do something about Global Climate Change, the golf courses will dry up or freeze or something. This can’t be allowed to happen.

A third benefit is that he can, once again, go around Congress and our Constitution. Why be bothered by our system of government when being King is so much easier.


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ObamaCare Sucks Part 81

Posted by madjillmom on February 12, 2014

Another delay in the employer mandate has just come out, a wholesale change of the law. The law the Dems wrote and shoved down our throats sucks and causes lots of bad things. If this were a Republican changing existing laws based upon political concerns, the MSM would be howling. There is no reason to delay this mandate. The only reason is that this stinker of a law will hurt the Dems next November. King Obama waves his scepter and changes it willy-nilly. We must not let any President change the laws on a whim. We have a system of checks and balances that Obama is allowed to ignore.

Changes are made because of the liability to Democrats in upcoming elections. Almost 30 changes in Obamacare is not just tinkering with the implementation. We were told that this is the law, until something hurts the Dems and we will delay or ignore that part of the law. Meanwhile, the costs rise and the implementation continues to hurt so many. Now, businesses will have to swear that they made no changes due to Obamacare. They write a terrible law and then tell employers they cannot make adjustments in staffing due to all the consequences of the stupid law.


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ObamaCare is a New Entitlement

Posted by madjillmom on October 1, 2013

A new day has dawned and a new entitlement that can never be taken away is now in place. All hail King Obama and the new entitlement, ObamaCare. After the first subsidy is used to pay for coverage, it can never be taken away. No matter that there is no way to verify whether someone is eligible for the subsidy for a few years. No matter that prisoners and tax cheats are already figuring out how to get the subsidy. No matter that illegal aliens are going to be getting those subsidies. It is a great day for people who love government.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, we are waiting for a letter from our insurance carrier raising the premiums on our coverage because it now has to cover everything rather than be a high deductible policy paired with a Health Savings Account. So, I go on to see what is in the exchange. I have tried to set up an account twice this morning. Both times, I have been told that it couldn’t be done at this time and to try again. It is 6:30 central time. Half the country is still asleep, but the system can’t handle the load. Not ready for primetime. Lots of unintended consequences. Obama and the Dems have crafted this horrible law, but they don’t have to live under it. Waivers, delays, and missed deadlines will not stop Obama from taking over the healthcare system. One more step to socialized medicine.

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King Obama and Welfare

Posted by madjillmom on July 13, 2012

Kathleen Sebelius, Sec. of HHS, has sent out a new edict from King Obama regarding welfare.  Essentially they are gutting the “Welfare to Work” reform from the Clinton era.  One of Clinton’s crowning achievements is watered down.  No matter it is a law.  King Obama has spoken.  Don’t worry about actually going to work. Work is hard.  It is so hard to get a job.  Millions of people not yet on welfare are finding it hard to get a job. It is Bush’s fault.  Don’t worry your pretty lazy ass.  King Obama wants you to get a check even if you aren’t looking for work, training for work.

Today, it has come out that there are less than two people working for every one person receiving a benefit. That is ridiculous.

When King Obama doesn’t like the law, he has his administration ignore the laws and grant waivers to his friends. Don’t like the Defense of Marriage Act.  No problem, don’t defend it.  Can’t get the Dream Act passed. No problem, issue and edict and then water down the edict “rules” to let more qualify. (First it was 800,000 illegals, then it is 1.4 million.) Don’t like Clinton’s welfare to work laws/reforms.  No problem, grant waivers. Your checks will keep coming.

Oh, and by the way, are you registered to vote. Please vote for Obama to keep those checks coming.

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