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Obama Administration Change Their Story

Posted by madjillmom on September 20, 2012

After 10 days of denying the obvious, the White House now tells us that the attack on the Consulate in Benghazi was a terrorist attack, having not much or nothing to do with a silly movie. Now they even say that it was self-evident that it was a terrorist attack, planned and executed on 9/11.  Evidently, it wasn’t self-evident enough to Jay Carney, Susan Rice, Hillary Clinton and PresBO.

So I guess all that talk was the Obama Administration shooting first and aiming later.


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It Was the Movie, Not Terror Attack

Posted by madjillmom on September 17, 2012

It was just a protest about an offensive little YouTube video that got out of hand. Not really a planned terror attack. The peacefully protesting mob just happened to have a couple or RPGs, and they just happened to know the Ambassador was at the Consulate in Benghazi, and they also just happened to know where the safe house was. All totally brought about by a video on YouTube. This is the top-down meme that truly believes if it is repeated enough, people might fall for it.  UN Ambassador Susan Rice even went so far as to say Ambassador Rice had enough security.

This is the same administration that wants to call 9/11 a man-made disaster. This is the same administration that called the Ft. Hood Massacre work place violence. This is the same group of people who told us the underwear bomber had no help, that he just developed an underwear bomb on his own. Same with the Times Square Bomber.  If they can keep telling us that it is lone wolf attacks, or thwarted attacks, they are doing their job.

They cannot admit to a planned and executed terrorists attack on an insecure Embassy property in a country we have bent over backward to help just a few weeks out from our election. It doesn’t fit the narrative that Obama’s policies are working and the Muslims of the world really do like us because of Obama.

Why can’t they just tell the truth? The truth doesn’t make them look competent.

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Muslim World Spreads Violence Because of Romney/Bain

Posted by madjillmom on September 13, 2012

Romney is rich. Romney once ran Bain. Romney shots first and then aims according to Obama.

We wake this morning to protests and small attacks on American Embassy after American Embassy.  The Muslim world is going after our interests. Our flags are burning. Hillary is still in apologize mode. Obama is campaigning non-stop. The press must ask Romney why he has brought this all down on us.  Romney, you know he is a Mormon, is so obviously responsible for this entire thing. He, Karl Rove, the Koch Brothers, and the Tea Partiers have infected the Muslim world to do this to embarrass the President in his time of campaign.

This will probably be the take on the MSM.  It would be laughable if it weren’t actually happening.

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Romney Lacks Delicacy in Middle East – Good

Posted by madjillmom on September 12, 2012

Dems/Liberals are telling us that Romney lacks delicacy in dealing with the Middle East.  God, I hope so. Using kid gloves, compliments, and mixed signals has gotten us to this.  Way to go, Obama!

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Reports from Libya

Posted by madjillmom on September 12, 2012

There are reports that the people the Libyan so-called government had protecting our Embassy actually told the small (how small?) but vicious group where to find the Ambassador. So, if this is true.  Libyan government agents helped kill the Ambassador.

I have also seen pictures of who I think is the Ambassador and there are reports he was dragged around the area like Somalia. How long ago was that?  So long. So brutal. Why can’t we learn the lesson that they want our money, but not our help. They hate us. Ghadafi was neutered, a bad guy, but neutered. Yes, he was hurting his own people. The pressure got bad and Obama went in. Now, our Ambassador has possibly been dragged through the streets.

If the deaths were as a result of an RPG, why is it said that the Ambassador was suffocated?

Obama, Biden,  and Hillary need to stop running around asking the Islamists to love us. Romney is so right about mixed signals sent.

Also, new reports of Al-Qaeda at the 9/11 protest in Cairo.


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Two Acts of War – Three Dead

Posted by madjillmom on September 12, 2012

Two attacks on America on the anniversary of 9/11.  Three Americans killed in Libya, including the American Ambassador, Chris Stevens. Libya, where some of our smart diplomacy was “working”.

Obama and Hillary, thrilled with the Arab Spring uprising in Egypt, stiff arm Mubarak out. Mubarak was flawed to be sure. But he was a friendly. There were young people in the street, demanding greater freedoms.  What could go wrong? Pretty much everything. Now there is a fat, ugly Pres. Morsi, an Islamist who kisses Iran’s butt.  The young have less freedoms, the military that we fund is neutered, Coptic Christians are being killed, and the Embassy is under attack. Obama, Biden (the foreign policy booster put on the ticket, LOL), and Hillary were so sure of everything.  After all, they are the smartest three people in America.

Then, there is an uprising in Libya. Obama and our military to the rescue. Can’t sort out who is who, but want to get Ghadafi out. Promise it will only be a few weeks. Gather a coalition. Bomb the government forces because we are told there is a genocide. Not a few weeks, more like 6 months.  Ghadafi shot in a ditch by rag-tag insurgents. Big checks going from US to Libya that now barely has a government. Some more of that smart diplomacy. Flash forward to now. Embassy attacked, Ambassador killed with two others. First default of Administration, apologize for offending the ugly bearded men who hate us.

Don’t even get started on Syria, where Asad (son of a crazy dictator who killed 20,000 of his own citizens) was considered to be a moderate reformer by Hillary.  10,000 + dead and almost a year of killing, a true genocide, and a civil war born while we offer the usual sanctions and UN letters. I guess this means Obama has learned his lesson. thank Allah for on-the-job training. They didn’t teach this stuff in Community Organizer School.

As all Islamic extremists hit the streets, burning Bush Obama in effigy, killing other Muslims and hoping to score another Ambassador, or the brave Marines outside the Embassy, or maybe some soldiers in Afghanistan. All because there was a movie somewhere and Islam is an intolerant religion.

Meanwhile, let’s diss Israel and Netanyahu. Let’s let Iran get stronger. Let’s let their young take to the streets and hear no words of encouragement from the great orator Obama.

A movie about Mohammed hurts their feelings. Too damn bad.

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Syrian Weapons of Mass Destruction

Posted by madjillmom on February 24, 2012

Remember around this time last year, PresBO came out and said there would be military bombing in Libya to help the insurgents.  The main reason given was because Krazy Kol. Khadafi was killing his own people.  In we went, with added costs and a much longer engagement than was promised in those early days.

Now, we are finally seeing some of the killing going on in Syria.  Western journalists are there and 7300 is the current death count.  Now, Assad’s forces have killed an American Journalist.  Secretary of State Hillary is meeting with the Friends of Syria and there is a show of talk and condemnation, but no bombs from American planes.  What is the difference between the two countries and Obama’s reaction to them?

When we first went into Iraq, there were some officials and some evidence that Saddam Hussein sent shipments of weapons of mass destruction to Syria so they would not be found.  Ever since that time, Democrats have raked Bush over the coals about “lies about WMD” that were used to get us into the Iraq War.

Could this be one of the reasons that we do not do what we did in Libya?  If the current dictator was overthrown, could something embarrassing come to light about hidden WMDs?  If WMDs were found in Syria, who would gain and who would lose?

Another oppressive, horrible man runs Syria.  He is the son of his horrible oppressive dad who slaughtered 10,000 of his people in the early ’80s.  I guess the son is trying hard to be as horrible as his father.  I am not advocating intervention, I just question why Obama isn’t sending in the planes.

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Arab Spring Updates

Posted by madjillmom on February 7, 2012

Let’s see how the great Arab Spring is going. Gosh, the middle east is sure complicated.  Oh, wait.  Hillary is Sec. of State and the smartest man in the world is President.  No worries…

Eqypt – Perhaps PresBO doesn’t remember the Carter administration, but I do.  When you overthrow the devil you know (the Shah and Hosni Mubarek) the islamists gain power and basically take American citizens hostage.  Then, it was in Iran, now it is in Egypt.  A year ago, Egypt was at basic peace with Israel.  Now it is overrun with Islamists killing Christians and holding American hostage. The American hostages were front page news in the late 1970’s but little is said or known about the current crop of hostages.  American hostages would make PresBO look bad, so don’t look for this to be a big deal on the MSM.

Libya – After rumors of mass killings by Kol. Krazy Khadify, PresBO signed on to the fight of the little guys.  Of course, some of those little guys are proving to be worse.  Point in case is the killing of a former diplomat to France.  He was tortured and his toe nails were pulled out.  This was done by the current government, backed by Hillary and PresBO, literally leading from behind.

Syria – Don’t say our all-knowing PresBO hasn’t learned on the job.  After supporting Egypt’s and Libya’s revolution and things not going so well, I guess he isn’t so hot to bomb the world’s most deadly eye doctor who is killing his own people by the thousands.  Too bad for Obama that there are more and more videos out of the area.  Soon he will have to take time off from campaigning to wag a finger at Bashar Al Asad.  I guess he is wondering why he has to do anything since Joe Biden and Hillary are foriegn policy experts.

Iran – Building Nuclear Bombs without restraint.  Sanctions were tightened again.  The Ayatollah called for Israel’s obliteration again.  No big deal.  Same old, same old…

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Arab Spring turn Arab Nuclear Winter

Posted by madjillmom on January 28, 2012

Last spring, Obama was quick to throw Mubarak (the devil we knew) under the bus.  Then cascaded lots of joyous shouts (while raping Western journalists) that the new Egypt was going to be great.  Now, after a lot of ignoring the issue of jihadists winning the elections in Egypt, a constantly campaigning Obama has little time between to try to figure out how to get Transportation Sec. Ray LaHood’s son out of Egypt.  He is being detained for trying to support a path to democracy in Egypt.  After Obama threw Mubarak under the bus, he diverted his attention to Libya, where things still aren’t going too great.

Getting LaHood out of Egypt will be the State Departments purview, but they are really busy pissing off Canada over an oil  pipeline.

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A Penny for Your Thoughts, Col. Mo

Posted by madjillmom on May 2, 2011

Wonder what Col. Mo thinks of this announcement last night?

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