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Obama is Not Good with Math

Posted by madjillmom on September 24, 2013

In the run-up to the evil Republicans shutting down our government and making us a deadbeat nation, we must remember that Obama isn’t real good with math (or history for that matter). (What was he doing when he was in school? Oh, yeah, smoking dope and something we can’t see because he won’t release his college records.)

Here is some of the evidence:

  • Obama was railing a few weeks back about the billions of dollars used to run ads and create disinformation against his greatest boondoggle accomplishment, Obamacare. According to the WSJ this past weekend, only 500 million has been used on both sides of the Obamacare debate. Now, 500 million is a lot of money, but it isn’t 2 billion. It will be over 1 billion by the 2014 election, once again, both sides spending money, but that still isn’t 2 billion. Another straw man knocked down. ¬†Obama Math – 500 million = 2 billion
  • Obamacare was supposed to cost less than a trillion dollars. These amount were made up at the time they passed Obamacare so the Dems could claim it wouldn’t increase the deficit. No we hear that the cost has doubled and the amount of uninsured people who will be covered has been cut in half. ¬†(Typical government program.) Obama Math – Twice the cost and half the benefit is a great thing.

Other Dems aren’t so good at math either. Nancy Pelosi tells us there are no more cuts to make. She tells us the cupboard is bare! So we just can’t make anymore cuts. Obama/Pelosi Math – Government bloat is a permanent thing.



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