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Paying for Obama’s Vacations – Again

Posted by madjillmom on February 15, 2013

Yes, I cannot afford a skiing or golfing vacation. But I can help pay for the Obama’s to take separate vacations. Michele is going to Aspen and Barack is going to Florida to get some golf lessons from a famous golf instructor. This is what I predicted. The last year before the election, Michele didn’t go to any fancy vacay spots with friends and family in tow. But now that he has won again, all vacations are back in. Travelling separately is such a great thing. Going separate places is double the secret service, double the Air Force One and Two.  Sometimes the first couple likes for the dog to be flown in separately. Why? Just because they can.

The higher the debt climbs the more they travel.  PresBO likes to fly across the country to give speeches about global warming, gun control, and taxing the rich. Evidently, they equate air miles with actually governing. When Hillary left the State Department, she was lauded with only one accomplishment. Air Miles.  She had no real accomplishments beyond miles travelled and countries visited. I guess PresBO thinks that this is a proper measure of success.

Air Miles = Actually Achievement

Quit Whining and Starve the Beast!



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Obama Is Incapable of Compromise

Posted by madjillmom on November 14, 2012

Second verse, same as the first. Because he considers himself always right, the President is incapable of actual compromise. He is doubling down on tax increases and will not get real on cuts in entitlement programs. The press stands by, unwilling to push him for specifics. Obama has been a one trick pony on raising taxes on the rich acting like this is the answer to all our ills. Go ahead, kill the golden goose.  Watch the market react to this lack of basic economic understanding of Obama on what makes jobs.

Another signal he is going on in just the same way, he met with Unions and all the leftists yesterday and has not met with business yet. I guess he thinks unions are responsible for creating jobs.

Remember when he told Letterman that we just need to tax the rich and make a few other minor adjustments to fix the economy. Remember when Michele told us we are in a huge recovery. Not in my world.

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Mitt Romney is Very Handsome

Posted by madjillmom on October 21, 2012

I can’t help it. This feeling has been growing over the last few months. He always looks nice in his jeans and white shirt with the sleeves rolled up. The deciding factor was seeing him at the Al Smith Dinner in white tie and tux or tails. His delivery of joke after joke was Bob Hope but his look was strictly Cary Grant. And as all my friends and family know, that is the penultimate of handsome to me. I am not voting for him because he is handsome, this is just an extra bonus. I just think that I should come clean with an attraction to a 65-year-old man.

By the way, before anyone jumps on me, Obama is also a handsome man. Not my type, but very definitely handsome. I can also say that both the wives are beautiful and all the children are handsome or in the Obama girls case, growing into lovely young women.

Remember, vote with your Lady Smarts, not your Lady Parts!

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Michele Obama Breaks the Rules

Posted by madjillmom on October 17, 2012

While Pres. Obama was accusing Romney of supporting a different set of rules for rich people, Michele Obama was proving that she herself is not into following the rules. While Obama was saying that we all have to follow the same rules, his wife was clapping when Candy Crowley ran interference for Obama on Libya. Michele evidently doesn’t think the First Lady has to follow the rules she agreed to follow.


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In the Middle of a Huge Recovery

Posted by madjillmom on October 16, 2012

Michele Obama comes to us in the last few days with info we need to know.  She is telling us that “we are in the middle of a HUGE RECOVERY”.  Wow.  After 3 “recovery summers” she is now able to say they were wrong before, but it is here now and you should vote for her husband because he is the reason why.  Less than 2% growth, high unemployment, failing solar companies that got government/taxpayer money from coast to coast, yes, thank Obama for a huge recovery.  There may be a recovery in Michele’s eyes, but not in ours.

Michele also wants us to find some knuckleheads and tell them to vote for PresBO.  She already voted for him. Guess someone got to her!

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Michelle O Teaches Us How to Shop for Groceries

Posted by madjillmom on September 4, 2012

Thank goodness.  I have been waiting, and wondering just the best way to shop for groceries.  So the First Lady has put out a video to train us all. I guess she is an expert in this area.  As a lawyer and a high paid hospital executive, I’m pretty sure she spent a lot of time cooking and gardening before she came to the White House. So different from Hillary who didn’t want to be sitting at home making cookies.   However, there is this one hitch.  The Obama’s had a chef in Chicago.  Just like all us regular folks, they had a chef that they brought with them to the White House.  Maybe they brought a gardener too.  I know PresBO likes to fly his barber from Chicago to cut his greying locks. Just regular people, making $500,000 a year, with a chef and a small mansion, teaching us how to shop for groceries at the Whole Foods Market Piggly Wiggly.

Here is an excerpt from the New York Daily News about the Obama’s chef:

Kass, 28, the Obama family’s personal chef in Chicago, will assist White House executive chef CristetaComerford, a holdover from the Bush White House. Kass, who grew up in Chicago, trained at a Michelin-starred restaurant in Europe before going to work at Avec, a Chicago wine bar that specializes in Mediterranean food.

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Michele Obama

Posted by madjillmom on June 4, 2012

Before she was a First Lady:

Did she garden?

Did she know any military families?

Did she cook much?

Now she writes books about gardening.  Or did Bill Ayers ghost write her new book?


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PresBO and Michele Party Night

Posted by madjillmom on February 22, 2012

Thank goodness Michele and the Girls made it back from skiing in Aspen in time to celebrate the Blues with Mick Jagger and B.B. King.  I’m pretty sure Michele was having a little case of the blues upon returning to the drudge of being the First Lady after her weekend vacay in Aspen.

PresBO told the group that these great concerts made the restrictions of a President’s life more bearable.  Thank God for these distractions.

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Aspen for First Lady and the Girls

Posted by madjillmom on February 21, 2012

I don’t really love picking on Michele Obama.  But, sometimes, I have severe class warfare envy when it comes to her vacations.  A few months ago, we were all treated to a picture of Michele shopping incognito at the local Target.  This was put out to tell us she really isn’t highfalutin, but rather, just like us, picking up a few downscale designer duds for a night at the White House.

Now, just a few months after their long Christmas vacation, Michele and the girls are skiing in Aspen, staying at a millionaire’s home (gratis, I guess).  If, as I hope, this is the last year the Obama’s are our nation’s first family, I hope Michele goes on lots of vacations.  Just please don’t tell us in one breath you are just average folks, and then jet off to Aspen, while I am thinking about if the gas it takes to get to Target will eat up the money I have to spend there.

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Obama Wants Another Program for the Stupid

Posted by madjillmom on February 1, 2012

Another day, another program.  This one is to help those whose homes are worth less than their mortgages.  It is about the 12th program to try to boost the economy by short circuiting the natural market.  During this speech he seemed to say that “responsible” people could get lower interest rates.  It won’t cost anything because he will charge the banks a tax to do this.  It is just so simple.  Why didn’t others think of this before just now?

Of course, the banks will make less money, so they will lay off more people or charge more for their services.  No biggie.  After all, money does grown on trees.

Also, PresBO and Michele barely understood their condo mortgage paperwork, and they are the smartest people on earth, so he has set up a new bureaucracy headed by an illegal recess appointed fellow to try to stem the tide of the stupid.  There was much rejoicing when this Consumer agency was brought up.  Obama said the agency is fully staffed with brand spanking new government employees that will be able to keep us from being just plain stupid.

Strangely, he talked a lot about responsibility during this “we need another government program”.

People have been buying and selling real estate for years and years. Some win and some lose.  Remember, before you buy your next house, give the government a call, because you are stupid but PresBO has a new program that will help you with that.

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