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The Clinton’s are RICH!!! OMG

Posted by madjillmom on June 25, 2014

After several mishaps on Hillary Presidential Campaign Book Tour, regarding their wealth and how they got it, Bill has come out to tell us how it is with them and their wealth. They have made millions. They have peddled their influence and have sold their daughter to the highest bidder. Good for them. I want our Presidents to live in relative wealth after serving our country. Just don’t ask me to believe that they go to the grocery store just like us. Hillary hasn’t cooked a meal in decades, just like she hasn’t driven in decades. They aren’t just like us. Next, Bill will tell us he and Hillary eat dinner together every night. They barely see each other. They have used the system and now want us to believe that they hang out at Target with Michelle Obama. They could buy Target.

Thank goodness that Chelsea is making $600,000 per year at NBC in exchange for access to the Clintons. She can sock some away to help Bill and Hillary pay off those loans for her expensive education and pay for Bill’s care in the old folks home.



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Who Was the First Lady Talking About

Posted by madjillmom on September 5, 2012

I saw part of Michelle Obama’s speech last night.

1. Wonder how much that dress cost? Will she ever be modest about those arms?

2. I am pretty sure she didn’t thank us for funding her 16 vacations.

3. She portrays Obama as a Ghandi figure, not interested in corporate jobs, only in it for what he can do for the masses. I can’t wait until he givea his convention acceptance in a nice white diaper.

4. She told us Obama doesn’t care if you are Republican, he will listen to good ideas from anyone. That isn’t what the New York Times said about him this past weekend. He does think he is smarter than anybody else, so why listen to those stupid Republicans.

5. Obama needs more time to keep all the lofty promises he gave his adoring subjects in 2008.

6. He won’t let anyone in the military down. Yet, he hasn’t done a thing but cut the military and has no plan to keep sequestration from gutting the military. Before he was Commander in Chief, did he know anybody in the active military?

7. She didn’t mention Solyndra, the brand spanking new $16 billion in debt, the stunning amount of people on food stamps, the unemployment statistics, the sexual harassers on Homeland Security payroll, Fast and Furious, or the price of gasoline at the pump.

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Government Trips to Las Vegas

Posted by madjillmom on April 3, 2012

Remember when it wasn’t good to squander government funds on junkets to Las Vegas.  PresBO cautioned us all to not spend the kids college money going to Vegas.  Now, that no one is looking, Michele and the girls take a trip to Las Vegas mostly at the governments expense.  This week, we are informed that the GSA had a big conference in Vegas and hired a fortune-teller or psychic to entertain.  Now the head of that agency has stepped down.  Nothing to see here. (Remember when Sheriff Joe was gonna make sure there wasn’t any government waste?  Neither do they.)

I think Michele must be in a jam.  If it looks like PresBO might not be getting another term, she will need to plan a lot of expensive trips over the next 9 months.  Will this be an indicator of what they think there chances are?

As an aside, Michele wore an outfit while on the trip attending a Kid’s Choice Award that was really interesting.  Wonder how much that cost at Target? It a little Star Trek like, not unattractive but not usual for a First Lady.  Check it out here. Scroll down to 2nd and 3rd photographs. The third feature the lovely daughters, Sasha and Malia. They are getting the best of their attractive parents. Great for them.

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Posted by madjillmom on February 17, 2011

Last week, the Wall Street Journal had a table comparing the price of commodities now and one year ago.  The chart showed all up with most doubling.  If the high cost of health care brought us Obamacare, can government grocery stores be far behind. Get ready for your allotment.  Maybe some black market bread dealers.  The First Lady can let us know what to eat for real.

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Fashion in the House Last Night

Posted by madjillmom on February 25, 2009

As a woman with no particular sense of style, who mostly shops at Walmart, I reserve my right to say something catty about some important women at Pres. Obama’s address to the nation last night.

First Lady Michelle Obama – Sleeveless seems inappropriate for an evening in the house chamber in February. The color was ok and she has nice arms. Still, I think a nice dress with jacket or skirt and jacket would have been more appropriate.

Speaker Pelosi: Puke green is not a good color. Plus, everytime she stood to clap, I realized that she has a little belly on her. That made me feel good. I thought she was thinner. Usually she dresses very sharp, but last night was not inspired.

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